Continuing to Give Glad Dreams

Continuing to Give Glad Dreams

The safety and security of our employees and customers is of the utmost importance to us, we too are taking action, and creating safe distance. As of today, March 18th our LaConner Retail Store is temporarily closed, and we have instituted policies that allow as many of our employees to work from home as possible. Our distribution center remains open, and strict cleaning and safety guidelines as outlined by the CDC are in effect.

To continue our mission of Giving Glad Dreams will remain open 24/7 and now through the end of March, we will be offering free UPS Surepost and Ground shipping on all orders. During this time we know it is still important to give comfort, kindness, care, and love to others.  Acts of kindness and expressing warm wishes for eventful occasions will be remembered throughout the lives of those we love and it is our mission to enable our cherished customers to continue their ability to do this as long as we safely can.

As with many small businesses bracing for the impact during these difficult times, we are incredibly grateful for your support. Our 24-Carrot Customer Service Team is working remotely and we are just a phone call or email away – please let us know how we can help. or call 1-877-HOPS-2-IT   / 1.877.467.7248

Sending Glad dreams and well wishes to you all.

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Bunnies By The Bay Reaction to COVID-19

Bunnies By The Bay’s Mission is to Give Glad Dreams. We create stuffed animals, baby and children’s products to make all of us feel comforted, safe, secure and loved.  As more of the world is impacted by COVID-19, we wanted to share our reactions and guidance to the virus


We are following the advice of the World Health Organization, channeling our concerns into actions to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. First and foremost, among these actions is regular and thorough hand-washing and good respiratory hygiene. Secondly, keeping informed and following the advice of the local health authorities including any restrictions put in place on travel, movement, and gatherings. To keep safe from germs use regular household cleaners or wipes to clean things that are frequently touched.   Do this every day. 


On our own Bunnies By The Bay product swaddle blankets, playmats, apparel, Silly Buddies, Bye Bye Buddies, and Buddy Blankets are machine washable in cold water and can be dried on low tumble dry cycle.   Nibble Bunnies, Skipit stuffed animals, Wee Plush, dolls, rattles, Shaggy Stuffed animals, Good Friends Farm, Camp Cricket, and By The Bay stuffed animals should be spot cleaned, surfaced washed and air-dried.


If there are any questions on how to clean your products, please reference our website for advice on the proper care and keeping of our products here or contact us directly and we would be happy to assist. or call 1-877-HOPS-2-IT   / 1.877.467.7248



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Fair Winds and Following Seas, Tiffany

Tiffany Bunny Art
Today we wish one of our own treasured Bunnies, Tiffany,  Fair Winds and Calm Seas as she moves on to her next adventure. 
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Bringing Comfort For A Challenging Diagnosis

Tiny Nibble Pink Stuffed Bunny
Yesterday, I learned a friend and her family have a challenging diagnosis and now a new challenge to conquer.   The news stopped me in my tracks, made me take a big breath and then just feel the enormity of the news for my friend, her family, and friends.    It is hard at such times to know what to do and what to say. In supporting someone do you do too much, too little, overwhelm someone or not do enough.   The right response sometimes turns into no verbal response at all. 
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Once A Trio - Now a Quartet

Bunny Sisters Tattoos
On June 28th, having just opened a store in Beijing, also planning stores for Dublin and London and conducting the million other things we do every day, we Bunnies By The Bay sisters bought back our company. The three of us have been through a lot the past 33 years. The transition was brutal, time-consuming, frightening and expensive and it wouldn’t have been possible without Anne Callaghan our director of all things serious. We made her a partner, promoted her and then branded her. Our trio is now a quartet. To mark the occasion, while in Dublin, Anne was initiated into our bunny sisterhood with a matching carrot tattoo that my sisters Krys, Suzanne and I have sported since we turned 50 (over a decade ago).

Now that, my friends, is brand loyalty.
-Jeanne-Ming Hayes
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The Retirement of a Treasured Bunny

Diane Bunny Art
Recently, we celebrated the retirement of a treasured member of our team.    We gathered pictures, stories, and poems about our time together to give a special gift.   We celebrated the next stage of her life and said thank you many times for all the Glad Dreams she had given while she was a bunny. 
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A Bunny Visit to the Big Apple

Bunnies at FAO Swcharz Toy Store New York
While at Rockefeller center, Anne & Shelby got to meet with FAO team members and share their love for Bunnies By The Bay and the joy and Glad Dreams it brings to children and families around the world.
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Whirligig Building Day

Whirligig Building with the Bunnies

This past Friday, Chris Thiess, one of our most treasured artists led a class in how to build a whirligigs with some of the other artists and members of our store team.    It was a wonderful time of learning, swapping stories about some of the treasures they were combining to make a whirligig,  brainstorming about other projects and fun.   There are many wonderful things about Bunnies By The Bay, but the art and creativity that flows from Jeanne, Krys and Suzanne to create the environment for other artists to flourish is truly special.

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Where did all the Wee Kiddos Go?

Wee Kiddo Lamb and Baby Boy Lifestyle Photo

Wee Kiddo the lamb has quickly become a favorite friend of our Cricket Island Fans, and has quickly sold out . He has been searched for far and wide and we are messaged daily about when he will be back. It wasn’t long before we started calling this the Wee Kiddo craze..We have people all over the world asking, “Where did all the Wee Kiddos go?” 

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A Family Visit to FAO Schwarz New York

What a lovely surprise to see this image in my inbox.  
FAO New York

Our corporate office is located in Anacortes Wash.   Our store at FAO is located faraway from us in New York City at Rockefeller Center

We are so proud of it.  It is hard not to be able to see it often, work with customers at the shop and dream about new products while we are there

Yesterday, my cousins took their daughter to our FAO shop for a magic moment.    Thank you for sharing.   It made my day.  🥕🥕🥕🥕
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Off-Site Meetings and Lucky Bunnies

On Friday, the leadership of Bunnies By The Bay was about an off site meeting on a sister Island, called Whidbey Island. It is a real treat when we are all together and happens far to infrequently than we would like.

If you are ever near Whidbey Island, please take the time to visit. There are some really treasures to explore, Coupeville, Ebey’s Landing, Fort Casey are just a few places to explore. I drove over via the ferry and stopped in Langley. I love Langley. Great places to shop including Edit and The Star Store. There are great art studios to dream in and great places to sip and snack. What I LOVE is how you can be on First Street in town look over at the water and see a variety of boat traffic, Camano Island and wild life including whales.

I parked and was getting myself organized for a walk before our meeting. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this beautiful gray bunny hop by. It made me smile and I quickly tried to get a picture. I made me think of Krys, a founder, a sister, one of the owners of Bunnies By The Bay. Once when we were on a walk, we saw a bunny hop quickly in front of us and then away into the brush. She grabbed my hand and motioned to me where the bunny had gone to make sure I had seen it. Krys said to me every time you see a bunny it’s your sign that you are going to have a great day. Later on the walk we saw another bunny, so we concluded we were both going to have great days.


Here’s to everyone finding “their bunny” today and having a great day.
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Magic Moments and Giving Glad Dreams

Magic Moments and Giving Glad Dreams

We are in the business of helping our customers make magic moments. String some magic moments together and we are all Giving Glad Dreams. This is it, this is our mission, to Give Glad Dreams.
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