While the terms “christening” and “baptism” are often used interchangeably these days, there’s actually a difference between the two. Traditionally, a christening is a naming ceremony for a new child and may include baptism, while a baptism recognizes a child’s introduction to the church. Christenings are reserved for infants, while someone of any age can be baptized. Which ceremony is used and the meaning behind it depends on your church’s own tradition.

There are some gifts that are traditional for a christening or baptism, and we’ve included some ideas to help you pick the perfect gift for the ceremony that you’ve been invited to.

Personalized Gifts

Because christening is a naming ceremony, personalized gifts are very traditional. They recognize the child’s new name, their christian name, and serve as a reminder of the gathering together of a community to accept and honor the new child and new name. We have a wide selection of personalized gifts that are appropriate for christening gifts.

Heirloom Gifts

Gifts that are special and meant to last a lifetime are also very good gifts for christenings. These gifts are ones that the child can have as a keepsake for the rest of their lives. It’s also nice for these gifts to be special in some way, because each child is special. At Hutch Studio, we produce one-of-a-kind handmade gifts that would be the perfect keepsake for any christening or baptism.

Special Blankets

Special baby blankets are a very traditional gift for christening and baptisms. These are also sometimes called “christening shawls,” and they’re used to dry and warm the baby. These blankets often end up being keepsakes, held on to throughout the child’s life. We have sweet baby blankets available, including quilts! We also have some gift sets built around blankets, that will have everything a new parent needs for bedtime with baby.

Add A Special Touch with Custom Embroidery

Add a name, date or term of endearment to stuffed animals, baby lovies, and blankets to create a personalized keepsake gift.


Lambs are a common symbol in the christian faith. They symbolize innocence and new birth. This symbolism makes them an ideal gift for a christening or baptism. Sweet Kiddo the Lamb lovies and stuffed animals are the perfect way to welcome a new baby into the church!

White Bunnies

The color white symbolizes innocence and rebirth, and is a prominent color in not just christenings, but in baptisms for people of all ages. Bunnies are a symbol of springtime and good fortune. Where these two symbolic meanings converge is the white bunny, a wonderful gift for a baptism or christening celebration. Our Bun Bun Bunny collection features a variety of bunnies in white and cream colors, perfect for the occasion!

Gifting made Easy

Our most loved gifts bundled together for  an unforgettable presentation.

Gifts For Godparents And Baby

Another traditional part of a christening or baptism is the recognition of one or more godparents for the new baby. The traditional role of the godparent is to take responsibility for the religious education of the child, but the godparent-godchild relationship is often more than that, somewhere between a parent and a best friend. This is a special relationship to recognize, and one way to do that is with a set of stuffed animals or lovies; one big and one small, for the godparent and the godchild. A matching gift symbolizes the spiritual and familial connection that they will share. We offer a collection of tiny stuffed animals, perfect for little hands, and most of them have a larger counterpart for the godparent(s) to keep.

Remember, if you’ve been invited to be a part of a christening or baptism, it means that you’re considered a close friend or family member of the new child. You’ve been invited to take part in the beginning of the child’s spiritual life, and it’s quite an honor. If the invitation specifies no gifts, respect that request and give a gift privately rather than at the ceremony itself. 

Baptism & Christening Gifts

Attending a christening or baptism? Find the perfect gift today that will be cherished for a lifetime!