Giving Thanks For A Wonderful Year

At Bunnies By The Bay, we have been blessed, fortunate and so happy last year, 2022 was a year of growth. Our mission is to Give Glad Dreams. Literally on the sales side this means we are working to Give Glad Dreams to as many people as we can.


From a more global and brand perspective, when we Give Glad Dreams or help some one to Give Glad Dreams, we are supporting and helping To Give Love, To Give Comfort and to Give Care. The act of Giving Love, Giving Comfort or Care is so pure and simple. If we take a page from Nike’s book, we should Just Do It, Just Give a Glad Dream. Sometimes to do a simple thing can be remarkably hard. Even more frustrating can be the opposite of simple, doing a simple Giving a Glad Dream can be complicated.


As I am looking at lots of data from the year’s end, an e-commerce stat is jumping to the forefront. Our number two landing page on our website is a blog we wrote multiple years ago, 7 Reasons Why Adults Should Have Stuffed Animals Too. The stats of this page are impressive. But what is impressive and meaningful is all the customer comments I read. Through difficult and normal circumstance, people are Receiving Love, Receiving Comfort and feeling the Care of another person. How lovely is that? Our world becomes more clear, more simple and easier to Give Glad Dreams.


It is such a gift to be on the mission Give Glad Dreams. It is such a joy to be doing it with those you love and those people you are just getting to know. Here is to a Happy, Peaceful, Healthy and Happy 2023.


Give Glad Dreams

Bunnies By The Bay

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