A Drive Through The Daffodil Fields of Skagit Valley

Bunnies By The Bay is located within Skagit County in Washington State.  Skagit has many breathtaking places to visit and explore.  ( Believe me, I try to explore as much as I can.  😊)  The county is known for its incredible views of water, wildlife and farmland.  I drive an hour from my home to Bunnies By The Bay office and an hour back home each day.   I almost never mind the time commitment, as I love driving through the Skagit Valley each day.  The wildlife, farmland and mountains are always changing and sharing their inspirational beauty to all of us each day.  

This past week,  when I drove home, I spied the beginning of Spring growing in the fields.  For me, the shoots of these daffodils in the fields are the most welcome sight.  It means the Snow Geese and Trumpeter Swans will soon be moving on, (our inspiration for Avery the Aviator Snow Goose).  Days will be getting longer and once daffodils begin to be harvested, there is always something growing and close to harvest until October.  The crops our valley yields are not only vital to our local economy, but the produce tastes great and is gorgeous to look at.  Weather the fields are flowers or produce, it is a peaceful walk through the fields and it is fantastic to visit the farms.  I love it, and I try to experience the fields and farms as often as I can.

Skagit Valley Tulip Fields in Bloom

photo from LoveLaConner Instagram, photo credit @cedarbrooksstudio

In March and April, flowers take center stage first with Daffodil and then with Tulips in bloom.  The bright colors against the blue sky and Cascade Mountains are breath taking.  There is a Tulip festival each year in April that draws a million visitors to the valley.   The number of visitors, is a good indicator of the beauty generated in the valley.

Daffodils kick off the year and we celebrate with a Daffodil festival each March.  It is based in LaConner, which is home to  our flagship store.   We are located at 710 S 1st Street in LaConner.  Check out this Instagram reel of our store.  The store changes weekly with new items and displays.   Come and see us, we would love to show our store to you all.

Bunnies By The Bay LaConner, WA Retail Store

Last year, with the onset of Covid all the festivals were cancelled.  The flowers still bloomed, but we as a county were not able to share them as we normally do.  Farmers and businesses got creative in how flowers and flower inspired product were shared with the world.   Although this year, we will not be able to be back to a “normal”  Daffodil festival due to Covid, there will be a Daffodil Festival this year .   The fields are have substantial growth now and the flowers will be in bloom soon.    Check out the details for the festival at this links below.   We are working with the Washington Bulb company and hope to sell fresh stems in our LaConner Store.

7th Annual Daffodil Festival Information

Daffodil Festival Facebook - Information and Photo Sharing


La Conner Daffodil Festival Photo Contest Winning Photo

Photo Credit: La Conner Daffodil Photo Contest


We certainly hope you can come and visit us in LaConner, see the fields and experience the beauty of our area.  If this is just not the year, please visit the links above and see the beauty come to life in the fields.

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