Bringing Comfort For A Challenging Diagnosis

Tiny Nibble Pink Stuffed Bunny


Yesterday, I learned a friend and her family have a challenging diagnosis and now a new challenge to conquer.   The news stopped me in my tracks, made me take a big breath and then just feel the enormity of the news for my friend, her family, and friends.    It is hard at such times to know what to do and what to say. In supporting someone do you do too much, too little, overwhelm someone or not do enough.   The right response sometimes turns into no verbal response at all.

My husband, kids, and my family are large priorities in my life, but right after them, Bunnies By The Bay is a large priority in my life.    Almost everything I do is processed through a filter of Bunnies By The Bay.    Our mission is to Give Glad Dreams.   Glad Dreams are built one magic moment at a time.   At Bunnies By The Bay our magic moments are based and built on the need to take care of someone, comfort someone and give them security.   At our core, we build products that are used as tools of comfort, care, and security.    Sometimes it is because these products physically do the work of comfort.   Our blankets wrap up a baby, or a security blanket soothes a baby or toddler in a challenging time or a pacifier holder helps a baby soothe themselves to sleep.   Other times it is the random act of kindness, the surprise, and delight of a gift that is given to you that is the reminding of support, care, comfort, and security.

Today, I am sending a PINK soft, over the top cute comforting item to my friend.   I will not be able to comfort her and her family as often as I would like due to time and distance.   Today, I take the overt step of sending a note and a small token to let her, her family and her friends to have a reminder that my family and I send comfort, care, and security.     I am reminded how Bunnies By The Bay is not just for babies and the under 4 crowd.  It is a mission to Give Glad Dreams.

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