Kiddo Lovey Adventures

We love our customers, there is no secret about that. And we love when they share their experiences, and how they have come to find us. The other day we received this email. Our treasured Kiddo has yet again made quite an impression, and we are grateful to know this story, and see the picture of one our lovies having been loved, lost, and found once again. 
I live in Mountain View, CA, and I came across one of your products recently.  I thought you might enjoy hearing about it. 
Since our shelter in place order, I've been walking a lot in our Old Mountain View neighborhood, a lovely residential area in the heart of Mountain View.  I enjoy taking photos of homes and gardens, and other interesting objects.  One day I came upon a sweet-looking, but also somewhat sad, stuffed animal.  Her picture is attached.  Evidently, she had been lost, and someone propped her up on a little brick wall edging a lawn.  I was so taken by her appearance and pose, I got her photo.  But also, around that time I had started a post on Nextdoor, which I called the "Corona Virus Haiku Challenge."  The idea was for folks to contribute haiku and other poems, perhaps inspired by their experiences while sheltering in place.  The post elicited many marvelous haiku, limericks, and such, along with lovely photos.  Many were quite poignant, and many very funny as well.  


Anyway, this stuffed animal and her pose inspired the following haiku from me:




Whew, I'm exhausted


Chased by the sheepdog all day


Bo Peep, where are you?




I named her Lamb Chop, and in the following weeks, I saw her in the same spot and same position.  I looked forward to seeing Lamb Chop on my daily walks.  One day, though, I found her turned upside down, so she was face down.  That's when I noticed the tag that identified your company as the maker.  I took a picture to record it, just in case.  I also propped Lamb Chop up in a more appropriate, seated position, still on that brick curb. 


Finally, after another week or so, Lamb Chop was gone.  I assume, and hope, that some young family with a toddler decided to adopt Lamb Chop and bring her home.  


At that point I checked your website to try and find the doll corresponding to Lamb Chop, but I didn't see anything like her.  Today I took another look and discovered that she is a "Lovie," specifically the "Baa - Kiddo Knotty Friend".  The only difference is that Lamb Chop had no embroidered lettering on her front.  No matter.  I decided I'm going to order one for myself.  I have no idea what I will do with it (we have no children).  I may save it (or I should say, Lamb Chop II) for a cousin of mine who is getting married this summer and who I expect will have children at some point.  I may just put Lamb Chop II back on the same curb where I found the original.  We'll see. 


Well, I hope you enjoy the story, photo, and haiku.  I don't do Facebook or Instagram, but if you'd like to post any of this to your company pages there, that's fine with me. 






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