Pacifiers can be sneaky. Ensure little bunny doesn’t lose another with our wonderful selection of Silly Buddy pacifier holders! These charming friends have got your back, and will make sure to hang on to your pacifiers when baby’s no longer interested. 

What's a Silly Buddy?

Silly Buddies are pacifier holder stuffed animals that your little one can snuggle and love for years. Friendly, huggable, and just plain fun, they are available as several of our darling stuffed animal characters, including Skipit, Blossom, Bloom & Kiddo.

Who can use a Silly Buddy?

Newborns and young toddlers will love these cuddly pacifier holders. Whether you’re shopping for a friend’s baby shower or for the newest member of your own family, Silly Buddies make great gifts that are lovably practical. Pair them with one of our swaddle blankets or teethers for the ultimate gift package. These floppy pacifier holders will follow you everywhere and are easily attached to strollers or car seats.

Using a Silly Buddy Animal Pacifier Holder

All of our Silly Buddies are pacifier holders and feature Velcro arms or hands to hold the pacifier securely while on the go. No more retracing your steps at the park or turning over couch cushions! Your little bunny won’t let go of these cozy buddies, and you’ll find your pacifier right where you left it: in the arms of a friend.

How is this Better Than a Pacifier with Stuffed Animal?

Pacifiers with stuffed animals attached may work well for soothing newborns, but they can be heavy and difficult to wash. Having a few separate pacifiers you can switch out on your Silly Buddy will allow you to keep those pacifiers clean without any interruptions for your wee one.