The Bunny Business of Gifting

One impact of Covid-19 has been Suzanne, Krys, and me, Anne, being more “hands-on” in our e-commerce business. We are helping every day to ship the packages out the door to service our customers. There have been many great conversations and tasks that have come from being hands-on with our retail orders, from the printing of the pick slip to the sealing of each special package. 

I enjoy assembling and creating the gifts people choose for others and themselves. We gift wrap and write gift notes for many of our orders.  

One thing that I have learned so far is that I think there are two types of gifts.  The first is for a specific more planned type of event such as a baby shower, to celebrate a baby being born, wishing someone a happy birthday or Mother’s Day. The second is for the unplanned gift- to give a surprise and delight in someone’s day.  Both are equally interesting and fun to put together for the gift recipient.

 We love to help the gift giver create a gift experience that becomes a treasured memory for the gift recipient. Here is how we do it

  • The item we are packaging is incredibly sweet in its design. There is a super soft and comforting quality in the art and the product.
  • We wrap up the product in “tossed carrot” tissue paper.
  • We place the product in a delightful endearing gift box.
  • Seal the tissue with a Bunnies By The Bay Sticker
  • Seal the box with a Bunnies By The Bay Sticker
  • Wrap the box up in Bunnies By the Bay ribbon
  • Add a personalized gift note if requested by the customer.

Each morning I have been creating or helping to create custom gift notes.  I have loved starting my day with this task.  It is a bit like making the time to write in a daily gratitude journal.   

I type of notes of love and good wishes.   Some are very simple:

-Somebunny loves you

Some are more elaborate

This is one moment, But know that another shall piece you with a sudden painful joy. -TS Elliot

We are sending you a favorite toy of our baby, please use it with care.  We have experienced the pain of our child losing this toy and bringing our whole world to a halt  😉

It is humbling to be part of a gift-giving experience. Thank you for trusting us to do this right for your loved ones.

-Anne Callaghan

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