Celebrating a New Baby During the Pandemic

A new baby is so very exciting!  I want to say I think a first baby is so very exciting, but really having a baby is exciting no matter the birth order.     I am excited because one of my best friends is becoming a grandmother for the very first time.  I am not totally sure how that could be possible 😊?   It is a privilege to see how the entire family is excited for the baby.  The expectant parents are excited, the siblings soon to be an aunt and uncle are excited, the great grandparents are excited, and of course, the new grandparents are excited.  It's happy and joy in its purest form.  

The pandemic certainly puts a new dimension into pregnancy for the expectant parents, but also for those who want to support and celebrate the parents who will be welcoming the baby.    Parents to be have different challenges in giving birth and welcoming a new baby to their family in the time of COVID 19.   Your heart fractures in small ways because you want new Mom and Dad to have as fewest challenges as possible in all their prep for baby.  As parents, we are still trying to protect our babies even while they have their own babies. 

This weekend I saw and watched many times a Facebook video called Born in Quarantine 

It brought me to tears when I initially watched this and every time since.  It shows fear, hope, desire to help, and the miracle of a baby.

I find it hard to help sometimes, as I want to do something, but not be too overwhelming and not too little.     I am sharing my idea; in case you find yourself in the same situation.  My plan, with 8 weeks to go for the new baby’s projected arrival it to send a few gifts every two weeks apart to bring some unexpected surprise, delight, and Glad Dreams for the new Mom and Dad, but also for my friend who is SO excited to meet her new granddaughter.

At Bunnies By The Bay, we are here to help.  Celebrations may have changed but not the reasons to celebrate.  When we prepare gift notes for our customers, we see “Congratulations”, “ Welcome to the World”, “Just Because I Love You”, Sending to give you a BIG hug, since I am not there” and one of my favorites, “ Because you are my best friend”   It is just a great part of the day to be able to prepare these well wishes and happy thoughts.

So how do you help and how do you feel not overwhelmed to give some help?   You start one act a time.  It can be a text, a call, a note, or a gift.  All of these are precious and full of LOVE.   At Bunnies By The Bay, we want to help you help others.  We stand ready when you need us. 

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