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Meet the characters of Cricket Island. Learn how they give love, laughter and comfort everywhere they go.

Welcome to Bunnies By The Bay and our home-Cricket Island. Meet our bunnies Blossom, Bloom, Bud and their best friend Skipit the pup. The bunnies will introduce you to the rest of their friends on Cricket Island who live at the Good Friends Farm, Camp Cricket, Good Friends Garden and By The Bay. All of our friend on Cricket Island bring love, comfort, security and Glad Dreams to all who they meet.

bunnies of cricket island

blossom bunny

Blossom, the eldest of three, is as girlie as a bunny can be. She loves twirling in her TuTu and only petal pink will do! Like her name she loves flowers and always has one tucked between her ears. Blossom is kind-hearted and loves to take care of her friends. Her very best friend is Bao Bao bear. 
The Pink Blossom Bunny Collection is sugar, spice and everything nice all dressed up with a tutu to boot! Here you will find everything from comfort loveys to soothe, dolls to play, books to read, blankets to snuggle, stuffed animals and clothes both practical and precious. All the perfect gifts for baby girls, kids and those young at heart.

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the bunnies of cricket island

bloom bunny

Bloom is the middle sister of three and she’s funny as a bunny can be. Being silly and making her friends and family laugh is her favorite thing to do. But no bunny is better when it comes to bring Glad Dreams and a peaceful night of sleep. "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Do You Know How Loved You Are?" is her favorite bedtime story. The Bloom Bunny collection features our favorite grey bunny in a world of yellow moons, stars, and all the Glad Dreams we can bring to your wee ones. The softest and most plush of bunnies, blankets, and clothing. Featuring the sweetest of Hareytale story board books, and our famous security lovey Buddy Blankets, Bye Bye Buddies, Silly Buddies and Knotty Friends, you are sure to find the perfect gift for every little bunny in your life!

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the bunnies of cricket island

bud bunny

Wee Bud is the baby of the family, shy and tender as a bunny can be. He nibbles on lettuces, carrots and peas and giggles with glee when Skipit is around. Baby Bud is too young to hop and loves to sleep between the tall carrot tops and play with his little toy boat. The blue Bud Bunny collection is a classic mixture of nautical fare and adorable delights for your bouncing baby boy. With baby blankets to snuggle with, lovies to soothe, books to read and even nursery décor you are sure to find the perfect gift for all those sweet baby boys in your life.

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the bunnies of cricket island

bun bun bunny

Bun Bun is a term of endearment and name for a loved one and also our pure white bunny, who is pure at heart and sure to win yours through and through. The Bun Bun Bunny Collection is sweet cream and pure white and features our signature comfort lovey Buddy Blankets, Bye Bye Blankets, Silly Buddies and the plushest of plush stuffed bunnies. 

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the bunnies of cricket island


In the forest on Cricket Island lives a family of hares, each one as unique as the last. They explore the Island together and celebrate what it means to be a family.

From the first day of nursery school to becoming a grandmother, our Hare-itage collection marks special moments in each family’s journey.

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the bunnies of cricket island

the fluffle collection

From our initial sketches to the bunny now loved by thousands of families, we have focused on one thing: creating an endearingly cute, super soft and huggable bunny for all ages to enjoy.

Our signature, luxurious soft Nibble fur is paired with embroidered eyes, softly blushed cheeks, and a velvety nose. Now available in a rainbow of colors, there is a nibble bunny for everyone on your list! Personalize their long lop ears for a special gift to last a lifetime!

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friends on cricket island

skipit the pup

Skipit is a salty sea pup who watches over the bunnies as he plays with his red ball. “Anchor’s Away!” is his favorite game to play with his best friend Baby Bud. The Skipit The Pup collection is full of favorites for all the fans of puppy dog and anything nautical for baby boys, and even girls too! With classic security items for baby from blankets to pacifier holders, teethers, adorable clothing and storybooks there is a touch of everything in this timeless baby classic assortment.

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friends on cricket island

camp cricket

Welcome to Camp Cricket, where adventurous young campers, explorers and scouts discover what it means to be helpful. Come meet our plush forest friends, the softest, sweetest and most charming woodland animals around. The Camp Cricket™ Collection features the Camp Cricket board book, a delightfully illustrated tale of discovering what it means to be helpful and your favorite woodland creatures in super soft and cuddly stuffed animals and lovies.

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friends on cricket island

good friends by the bay

Take a stroll by the seaside and meet the Good Friends By The Bay.  The Good Friends By The Bay™ Collection has super silly and oh so soft and lovable sea creatures for every little marine loving friend, the wee ones and the big ones alike! And for the little one learning their ABC's let Avery be the professor and teach them along with all her under the sea pals in our Avery Explores the Sea book that will surely become a favorite fun teaching tool.

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friends on cricket island

Good friends farm

Nestled inside a big blue barn is a delightful bunch of noisy best friends. Bloom named it Good Friends Farm and each animal is a best friend, indeed! From cows to roosters, pigs and sheep, this collection has plush friends for everyone!

All the Farm Friends are just waiting for you! Good Friends Farm™ Collection has the softest farm friend stuffed animals and delightfully illustrated board books.

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friends on cricket island

elsie & pretty girl

What makes a girl Pretty? Being patient, and polite. Caring about others, sharing, and Listening with all your heart. That’s what makes you pretty… Inside and out, just like Elsie.The Pretty Girl collection from Bunnies by the Bay features and assortment of 15 inch plush dolls with delightful details, adorable  plush and our top selling Pretty Girl Book for babies and toddlers… plus a little bit of wisdom to remind little ones that prettiness comes from inside.

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friends on cricket island

Avery the aviator

Avery the Aviator Snow Goose takes us on adventures from our very own Cricket Island to the corners of the Arctic to Under the Sea. This collection features charming plush friends and beautifully illustrated storybooks with life-long lessons for children, and tons of adventurous fun!

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friends on cricket island

little sunshine

A delightful way to start each day, the perfect "wake up" story reminding little ones how much they are loved as they rise in the morning. With beautiful illustrations and the delight that Bunnies By The Bay characters and stories bring, this story and collection is sure to become a family favorite.

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inspired by cricket island: hutch studio

Tucked away inside the busy workshop of Bunnies By The Bay you’ll find a wee creative corner affectionately called Hutch Studio.

This dear friends, is where you’ll find the sisters. Krys the stitcher, maker and idea creator loves making something with what’s on hand, the term mend and make do is deeply embedded in her artistic process. Suzanne, the creative writer brings these ideas to life thru a bit of wit and whim.

Hutch Studio is delighted to offer you truly unique one-of-a-kind friends embellished from vintage fabrics and trims with the delightful intent of sharing the joy of making with others. From limited edition dolls to one-of-a-kind Bunnies, come to Hutch Studio for collectibles you'll love. 

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