Once A Trio - Now a Quartet

Bunny Sisters Tattoos
On June 28th, having just opened a store in Beijing, also planning stores for Dublin and London and conducting the million other things we do every day, we Bunnies By The Bay sisters bought back our company. The three of us have been through a lot the past 33 years. The transition was brutal, time-consuming, frightening and expensive and it wouldn’t have been possible without Anne Callaghan our director of all things serious. We made her a partner, promoted her and then branded her. Our trio is now a quartet. To mark the occasion, while in Dublin, Anne was initiated into our bunny sisterhood with a matching carrot tattoo that my sisters Krys, Suzanne and I have sported since we turned 50 (over a decade ago).

Now that, my friends, is brand loyalty.
-Jeanne-Ming Hayes

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