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Seattle Met

"Hailing from Anacortes-based Bunnies by the Bay, hat-wearing Avery may not be as true to life as most of the stuffies on this list. But his hand-embroidered eyes, velvety-soft “feathers,” and floppy legs (ideal for toddlers intent on dragging toys everywhere they go) make him a first-rate pick for tiny adventurers."

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The littlest babies may not be ready to participate in an Easter egg hunt or indulge in egg-shaped candies, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't receive their own Easter basket for the springtime holiday. The Bunnies by the Bay Bun Bun Bunny gift bucket set is the perfect gender-neutral option to help make the Easter holiday special for the infant in your life. 

The soft-sided fabric bucket is made to look like an Easter bunny, complete with ears attached to the handles and a fuzzy tail on the backside. Inside, the bucket comes loaded with a plush, long-eared bunny, a bunny-shaped rattle, and a bunny-themed storybook, all of which are sure to be enjoyed long past the Easter holiday. You also have the option to personalize the gift bucket with the recipient's name for an additional fee. While certainly not necessary, it's a nice touch for a baby's first Easter keepsake gift. 

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"This set includes a variety of adorable bunny gifts, including the Bun Bun Bunny Gift Basket, Bun Bun A Lovey Story Book, Little Nibble Bunny Cream, and Friendly Chime White Bunny Baby Rattle. You can even add custom embroidery to personalize the gift basket!"

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the bump

“Get ready to surprise your parents with the news they’ve been waiting for! This set includes a lovely storybook accompanied by Huey Hare, an adorable stuffed bunny in super-soft white and brown fur. Picture future Grandma and Grandpa hugging the bunny, which will then be your cue to ask what the book is called. They’ll read the title out loud (and may take a second for it to sink in), and the rest is Christmas history.”

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“Not sure what kind of flowers your little one’s teacher loves? That’s okay! You’ll still have them blooming with joy when your child presents them with this adorable gift that’s so much better than a bouquet, since it’ll last much longer. The 16” tulip sits in a white corduroy planter and sports colored petals and silky green velvet leaves.”

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“Bunnies By The Bay, specializing in creating the most comforting, charming and thoughtful gifts for babies and toddlers. From lovies, security blankets and stuffed animals, they are sure to delight the little one in your life.”

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San Diego Family Magazine

“Cubby the bear is now a lovey for little ones to
cherish. The bear features a rich mushroom brown velour split blanket with cream satin trim lining and fuzzy fur head to match. From lovies and security items for your child to lovable stuffed animals cherished
by all, they are sure to delight. ”

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just simply mom

“Bruce the Moose is super soft fur in warm taupe with acorn brown antlers. Giant 20” size is perfect for big hugs, and snuggling up for story time! All the Bunnies by the Bay products are adorable and SO soft! My kids love them.”

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daily mom

"Meet Big Floppy Nibble Bunny, the bunny that hugs you back! Huggable, luggable, and simply adorable, this bunny is the perfect addition to your child’s Easter basket! Nibble’s long lop ears are buttery soft, and perfect for soothing away worries. 

With arms, legs, and ears made for hugging, this is the best-stuffed bunny rabbit in the world. Made with luxurious muted green Bayleaf nibble fur, this rabbit has a warm white tummy, tail, inner ears, and muzzle. With their baby-safe embroidered eyes and smiles, these stuffed animals are the perfect Easter basket ideas for newborns to 100+ year-olds."

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What Will My Grandchild Call Me?-Book-SKU: 106073 - Bunnies By The BayWhat Will My Grandchild Call Me?-Book-SKU: 106073 - Bunnies By The Bay

What Will My Grandchild Call Me?

10 reviews
Wee Kiddo - Black-Stuffed Animal-SKU: 824378 - Bunnies By The BayWee Kiddo - Black-Stuffed Animal-SKU: 824378 - Bunnies By The Bay
New Arrival

Wee Kiddo the Lamb - Black

2 reviews
Wee Kiddo the Lamb - White-Stuffed Animal-SKU: 824128 - Bunnies By The BayWee Kiddo the Lamb-Stuffed Animal-SKU: 824128 - Bunnies By The Bay

Wee Kiddo the Lamb - White

41 reviews
Pepper the Farm Dog Plush-Stuffed Animal-SKU: 190208 - Bunnies By The BayPepper the Farm Dog Plush-Stuffed Animal-SKU: 190208 - Bunnies By The Bay
Personalize Me!

Pepper the Farm Dog Plush

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