Shop the cutest children's books for any age. Reading should never be boring! Bunnies by the Bay’s books feature colorful illustrations and engaging stories that will keep baby entertained for hours on end. They feature our beloved cast of characters like Bloom, Bud, Elsie, and Skipit. We have both board books and soft baby books for your little bunny to enjoy.

Whether you’re shopping for your own little one or a friend’s, a baby book is the perfect gift. Children love engaging with the beautiful and unique illustrations, bright colors and shapes, and fun adventures. With educational books like Ocho's ABC Book, reading is the perfect bedtime or rainy day activity!

Babies love to explore anything in their reach. Our soft baby books are printed on plush velour and provide many surprises for your little bunny to safely discover. Your bunnies will enjoy playing with their favorite Cricket Island character as they crinkle the pages of these beautiful little baby books.

Whether you are reading to your baby or baby is exploring a soft book’s texture (and flavor), there’s no denying that baby books are fantastic toys that both entertain and promote development. Check out our selection of books today and let your little bunny discover all that baby books have to offer!


Books for Emotional Development

Our books feature friendly characters who teach lessons of love and friendship. Camp Cricket is a story about helping each other. A Pretty Girl is all about building virtues. You can use these books as tools to help build emotional intelligence.