Happy Mother's Day

This morning I was thinking about all the moms who work at Bunnies By The Bay and those who share images of their sweet little ones via our social channels. We love all the images Bunnies By The Bay is tagged in because it gives us a view of our product in little one’s lives.  We know some of the moments captured are truly magical.

In prepping to write this blog,  I began to pull out images of Mom’s from our social sites,  I quickly noticed there are not too many pictures of Mom and baby together.   This is logical, as Mom is often taking the picture.   Most of the pictures of Mom are those where you see hints of Mom providing comfort and guidance.     Only a Mom can take some of the pictures we see on a daily basis as they catch the magic moments of childhood.   Some images are evidence of pure love between a Mom and child when we see moments of seriousness, laughter, wonder, curiosity, and blissful sleep.

Here’s to a wonderful, blissful, and peaceful Mother’s Day to all.   May all the challenges of parenting melt away for just a minute or two so you can enjoy those magical moments you shared with your child no matter their age, no matter how recent. 

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