Bunnies By The Bay was founded in 1986 by Krystal Kirkpatrick and Suzanne Knutson.  Bunnies By The Bay respects intellectual property rights and respects the legitimate rights and interests of copyright owners.  The company appreciates the values of independent innovation and respects intellectual property rights.  After more than 30 years of unremitting efforts, our products are becoming more and more popular.  Bunnies By The Bay product is becoming a favorite multinational brand of consumers. 


Since its inception, Bunnies By The Bay has focused on global development.  As Bunnies By The Bay grows, our quality is strictly controlled.  Our factory was established in Dongguan in 2014 - Dongguan Yimao Textile Products Co., Ltd.  Recently, China has found that many online sales platforms such as Taobao.com have illegally sold Bunnies By The Bay products.  An example of frequently pirated product is 824128 Wee Kiddo.   Counterfeit products negatively affects the Bunnies By The Bay brand image and seriously infringes copyright owners.  These counterfeit products violate the company's values. In order to protect the rights and interests of fans, customers and the company, our company is striving to crack down on piracy and infringement.


  1. bunniesbythebay.com is the only international official website of this brand.
  2. bunniesbythebay.com.cn is the official website of Bunnies By The Bay China.
  3. Taobao shop name: “Bunnies By The Bay Brand Store” is the official online store in China.

     Website: https://shop454026402.taobao.com

  1. Other unlicensed sales are Bunnies By The Bay products are pirated and infringing illegal products.
  2. The company will protect the rights of the fans, customers and the company, the interests of the company.


Bunnies By The Bay Inc.




Bunnies By The Bay 于1986年由Suzanne和Krystal两姐妹创立于美国,秉承本土传统对知识产权的尊重、严格保护版权人合法权益。本公司一直以来坚持自主创新、尊重知识产权等价值观,经过30多年努力不懈发展,其下产品越来越丰富、贴心,一如既往地严格控制质量,逐渐成为广大消费者喜爱的跨国品牌。

Bunnies By The Bay 自成立起,已着重全球的发展,并于2014年在东莞设立工厂-东莞市依懋纺织制品有限公司.

近日发现中国地区,特别是淘宝网等网上销售平台,有众多非法销售 Bunnies By The Bay 系列 (特别是Kiddo 小坐羊) 盗版产品,其伪劣的质量,严重影响品牌形象,并严重侵犯版权人合法权益,违背了公司的价值观,为维护广大粉丝、客户、及本公司的权益,我公司极力打击盗版侵权行为,在此特别声明:


  1. bunniesbythebay.com 为本品牌唯一国际官方网站.


  1. bunniesbythebay.com.cn 为Bunnies By The Bay 中国官方网站。


  1. 淘宝店铺名称:“Bunnies By The Bay品牌店”为中国地区官方销售网店。




  1. 其它非授权的销售均Bunnies By The Bay 产品均为盗版,侵权违法产品。


  1. 对于侵害粉丝、客户及本公司、利益的行为,本公司将诸法律维权。




Bunnies By The Bay Inc.