Calling All Ideas

We spend our days working hard to ensure that wee ones (and adults alike) feel safe, secure and loved – we call this Giving Glad Dreams. This has been our underlying mission for 35 years and it's what motivates us still today.
We design and create products that provide comfort, security and love to the special people in our lives.
In times of distress, we believe that one of the best things you can do is to ask for help – because you never know where that help might come from.
We love our Bunnies By The Bay community! During this stressful time we want to ask you, "What can we do to help?" We are a group of creative, driven people and there is nothing more valuable to us than supporting the ones we love.
We'd love to hear your ideas – and we mean EVERY idea, big or small. Please share with us your suggestions on how we can help others during this stressful time.
With love, The Bunnies By The Bay Team
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Giving Back - Bunnies for Our Healthcare Community

Giving Back - Bunnies for Our Healthcare Community

Now extended through the month of April, all profits from the purchase of select Cream Nibble Bunnies will be donated to our local medical community through the Island Hospital COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund as they rally together in the fight against this global pandemic that has now affected every community in the world.

"Look For the Helpers" Quote

It can be overwhelming to think of how to make a difference when so many people have been affected, and that is where we have decided to think globally and act locally, by helping in our own community. We have seen and heard the dire need for additional PPE - personal protective equipment, and sanitizing supplies from healthcare workers around the world.  We hope with the proceeds from these bunnies we can assist our own local community's acquisition of these much-needed supplies, and in effect, it will assist other communities in their quest as well. 

While spreading some love and positivity and comfort in the world at this time when it is so greatly needed, we hope this will also inspire others to do the same.

Be the helpers! 

We will continue to look for more ways in which we can be the helpers too. If you have any ideas to share please reach out to us at or call 1-877-HOPS-2-IT   / 1.877.467.7248


The Cream Nibble Bunnies Included Are:


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How To Draw Tutorials With The Artist of Bunnies By The Bay

" Every Child Is An Artist, The Problem is Staying An Artist When You Grow Up." - Pablo Picasso

Grab your paper, pencils, or tablet! Our amazing illustrator has made a few fantastic "How To Draw" videos to teach some of our favorite Bunnies By The Bay Characters. Let's beat those boredom blues and bring out some creativity and happiness in our friends through art!

Join along as she teaches how to draw Bud Bunny, the baby of the Bunnies By The Bay bunch.


And once you draw a bunny, don't forget to try your hand at the loveable Skipit the Pup too.  


Thank you Jess, for bringing Glad Dreams into our hearts and homes and sharing your talents and beautiful spirit with the world. 

Bunnies By The Bay Bunny Art

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Bunny Proceeds For Our Medical Community

Bunny Proceeds For Our Medical Community

All proceeds from the purchase of our Cream Nibble Bunnies will be donated to our local medical community as they rally together in the fight against COVID-19, now through April 3rd. 

Like many others we are looking for ways that we can assist the medical community, we have put our bunny heads together, and will start with the proceeds from the purchase of any our Cream Nibble Bunnies.

The Cream Nibble Bunnies Included Are:

We are so appreciative of all those on the front lines, and we have seen and heard the dire need for additional PPE - personal protective equipment. We hope with the proceeds from these bunnies we can assist, but we won't stop there. Stay tuned, because busy bunnies are always looking for ways to help!

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New Coloring Pages!

New Coloring Pages!

We've gotten lots of requests from our customers for more coloring pages - so here they are!! Get creative with your little one and their favorite Bunnies By The Bay Characters, from Camp Cricket to Elsie. Be sure to tag us on social media so we can share your creations!!

Download yours here >


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Educational and Craft Activities for Kids

A work from home Mom of three, I too have been looking for resources to keep my kids engaged and learning while social distancing. I want to help others in this same position, so I am sharing a list of links of engaging activities from crafts and educational sites, to virtual tours of National Parks and Zoos that I have gathered from friends and educators. Some are for the computer, and some are ideas to get you creative and moving! We'll get through this together!

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Giving Glad Dreams in Troubled Times

Giving Glad Dreams in Troubled Times

The safety and security of our employees and customers is of the utmost importance to us, we too are taking action, and creating safe distance. As of today, March 18th our LaConner Retail Store is temporarily closed, and we have instituted policies that allow as many of our employees to work from home as possible. Our distribution center remains open, and strict cleaning and safety guidelines as outlined by the CDC are in effect.

To continue our mission of Giving Glad Dreams will remain open 24/7 and we will be offering free UPS Surepost and Ground shipping on all orders in the Continental US. During this time we know it is still important to give comfort, kindness, care, and love to others.  Acts of kindness and expressing warm wishes for eventful occasions will be remembered throughout the lives of those we love and it is our mission to enable our cherished customers to continue their ability to do this as long as we safely can.

As with many small businesses bracing for the impact during these difficult times, we are incredibly grateful for your support. Our 24-Carrot Customer Service Team is working remotely and we are just a phone call or email away – please let us know how we can help. or call 1-877-HOPS-2-IT   / 1.877.467.7248

Sending Glad dreams and well wishes to you all.

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Coloring Pages - St. Patrick's Day

We know this is such a challenging and unsure time for so many families and little ones all over the world. Being out of school can be challenging and stressful for everyone so we put together a special coloring page that you can print at home and color with your kiddos - today's theme is St. Patricks Day! Click below to download your own.


Click here to download yours!

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Bunnies By The Bay Reaction to COVID-19

Bunnies By The Bay’s Mission is to Give Glad Dreams. We create stuffed animals, baby and children’s products to make all of us feel comforted, safe, secure and loved.  As more of the world is impacted by COVID-19, we wanted to share our reactions and guidance to the virus


We are following the advice of the World Health Organization, channeling our concerns into actions to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. First and foremost, among these actions is regular and thorough hand-washing and good respiratory hygiene. Secondly, keeping informed and following the advice of the local health authorities including any restrictions put in place on travel, movement, and gatherings. To keep safe from germs use regular household cleaners or wipes to clean things that are frequently touched.   Do this every day. 


On our own Bunnies By The Bay product swaddle blankets, playmats, apparel, Silly Buddies, Bye Bye Buddies, and Buddy Blankets are machine washable in cold water and can be dried on low tumble dry cycle.   Nibble Bunnies, Skipit stuffed animals, Wee Plush, dolls, rattles, Shaggy Stuffed animals, Good Friends Farm, Camp Cricket, and By The Bay stuffed animals should be spot cleaned, surfaced washed and air-dried.


If there are any questions on how to clean your products, please reference our website for advice on the proper care and keeping of our products here or contact us directly and we would be happy to assist. or call 1-877-HOPS-2-IT   / 1.877.467.7248



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Baby with Lovey Security Blanket | Bunnies By The Bay

Using a Lovey for Your Baby

There are a lot of things we can’t control. But we can help ease the discomforts in our little one’s life with a few simple tools and techniques. Using a lovey or security blanket is an easy way to help a baby feel reassured through some of these big changes.
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Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages

There is no better way to get in the mood for Easter with kids than crafting! From dying Easter eggs to making fun snacks, Easter coloring sheets and making Easter baskets, this is the perfect way to spend some quality creative time with your little ones and celebrate Easter. We at Bunnies By The Bay are here to help, after all, Easter is one of our favorite holidays!

Here you will find free printable Easter coloring pages that you can easily print at home and color with your little bunny! Having an Easter brunch? Print these pages and put them on the tables with crayons to keep little ones busy while they wait for their meal. Hosting a playdate? Invite the playgroup to your house and you’ll have the crafts ready to go! Just print and color for hours of fun!

Easter Coloring Pages


These pages feature your favorite pals from Cricket Island. From the quintessential girl bunny Blossom to the wee baby boy Bud, and even our pal Skipit the Pup, a best friend to the Bunnies indeed, you’ll find your favorite cherished Cricket Island Friends and even a few new ones to the bunch.

Roly Poly Bunnies and Flowers Art

Everyone will agree, our new tiny loves, the Roly Poly Pals are the perfect amount of cute in a tiny package.

Create your own Easter Bunny, and decorate the eggs to your liking, color the Easter basket, and the flowers too! These coloring pages are great for kids who are even a little older, as they can add more detail and work on their own art skills just like our beloved Bunnies By The Bay illustrator does. Just switch from crayons to colored pencils for more detail.

Easter Coloring Pages Detail

And if you are looking for more Easter Crafts, check out our Free Print at Home Easter Games and Easter Egg Holders on our previous blog post here.  You can play Bunny Bingo, do a word search, and print and cut out your own Easter egg holders for an extra cute and fun Easter decoration. 

Easter Egg Holder DIY Crafts

Have fun coloring, and be sure to share your creativity with us and tag us on Instagram @bunniesbythebay and Facebook @Bunnies BTB or #bunniesbythebay and #givegladdreams for a chance to be featured. We love nothing more than to see our mission of Giving Glad Dreams in action!

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How to Wash Stuffed Animals and Lovies

How to Wash Stuffed Animals and Lovies

Your little one has a special bond with their stuffed animals. Here’s what you need to know when caring for your favorite Bunnies By The Bay products.
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