10 Reasons to Love a Buddy Blanket as a Security Item for Your Baby

Buddy Blankets Are A Best Friend Indeed,  sure to become treasured and loved. Here are the top ten reason you want baby to have a comfort item and will LOVE Buddy Blankets

1. Parent Approved and Recommended Baby Security Blanket

Parents from all over the world have given rave reviews for our Buddy Blankets. Go to our reviews page here and see for yourself. Parents know that having an item that can soothe and comfort baby in times of uncertainty (which are many in the lives of growing and developing babies) is the best way to keep baby happy, and their loved ones happy too!

2. Stuffed Animal, Baby Lovey and Best Friend In One

Buddy blankets have a furry stuffed animal head and arms, and a split blanket lovey body design for soothing, snuggling, and keeping baby feeling happy, safe and secure. Choose from Bunnies, Puppies, Lambs, Bears, Foxes, Raccoons or even a Moose. There is a perfect pick for everyone. 

3. Super Soft, Multiple Textures for Tactile Development and Soothing

The buddy blanket head is made of the softest fur, with hand embroidered details for baby-safe design and a perfect texture for soothing! The blanket body is super soft velour on the outside and lined and edged with silky satin trim. Along the edge there is custom embroidery specific to each character that adds a whimsical touch and even more detail for baby to explore.

4.Hand Embroidered, Baby Safe Details 

We know this lovey is going to be loved and worn and only get better with time. We hand embroider all the face details including the eyes of the Buddies so there isn’t a risk of a plastic eye coming off and becoming a choking hazard. You and baby can feel safe with this buddy blanket in hand.

5. Split Baby Blanket Design for Safety

We made this blanket have a split detail design so that it is open in the front and the back.

6. Sweet Embroidered Details

Along one side of each Buddy Blanket are embroidered details specific to each character. Another way to delight and add more texture for baby to explore.

7. Personalize for an Extra Special Touch

Add a name, date or short phrase for an extra special touch! We have two different fonts to choose from, and will use a coordinating thread color. For a special request, just call our 24-carrot customer service department and we will be happy to help you.

8. Eases Separation Anxiety

One of the reasons lovies are so popular with babies and children is that they offer familiarity in their ever-changing worlds. They absorb familiar smells, such as Mom and Dad or home, all things that a child considers safe and secure. Easing babies fears will help them to fall asleep and work on developing those amazing little brains and bodies!

9. Machine Washable 

It's easy to keep your buddy safe and clean. All our Buddy Blankets are recommended to be machine washed on cold, and tumbled dry low or hang to dry for the best results. We know they will go everywhere, so we have designed them so that through the washes these comfort objects are made to last!

10. A Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Gifting this item is giving a sense of security to Mom, Dad and Baby. There are perfect selections for baby girl gifts, baby boy gifts, and even neutrals that can be given if the gender of the baby is being kept a surprise. Sprinkle in a few special coordinating items from Baby Shower Gift Guide to go along and don’t forget to add our signature gift wrap for an exceptional gifting experience. 
To learn more about loveys and security blankets, check out our Ultimate Guide to Loveys!

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