Home Sweet Home

Located in Anacortes, WA on Fidalgo Island is our very own “Big Blue Barn” affectionately called this, or “The Workshop” to the Bunnies. This is not only our headquarters, but our home sweet home. We are very proud of our hometown, and the integral role that it has played in the history of Bunnies By The Bay. Anacortes was once a sleepy fishing town but is now a destination and gateway to the beautiful San Juan Islands as people have discovered just how lovely it is. On any given workday you can find us dreaming up ways to give more Glad Dreams as we look over the waters of Fidalgo Bay and search for inspirations.
It’s no wonder we created the Good Friends By the Bay Collection, our sea friends greet us every afternoon right out the back doors.
Surrounding the Fidalgo Bay area are the Tommy Thompson trails where we have held many working meetings as we walk and appreciate the beauty all around us. This has been part of the inspiration behind the Camp Cricket Collection – where our forest friends teach us lessons of friendship and lending a helping hand.
And of course, we quite often happen upon our treasured furry friends, the bunnies. Hopping in the gardens, lawns and trails they remind us of our bunny charm “Bunnies are our best friends indeed, they do delight and give glad dreams” and bring a smile to our face with each and every hop.  To us Giving Glad dreams is what it is all about, truly the foundation of our business. A lovey that will become a treasured companion to a little one as they grow and develop, A stuffed animal to comfort babies, toddlers, children and adults alike- made from the softest materials we can find and given extra special care and attention to detail or A baby gift that brings joy to both the person giving and receiving, that is a way of expressing the love we feel as welcome new ones to the world....this is what we call Glad Dreams. 
Thank you for allowing us this privilege, and thank you to the city and people of Anacortes, WA for making this our home sweet home!

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