How to Wash Stuffed Animals and Lovies

Your little one has a special bond with their stuffed animals. But after they’ve dragged them everywhere with them, they’re bound to end up dirty, stained, or in need of a bath at some point. Whether it’s cold and flu season at school or your toy had an accident, there comes a time when you need to clean your stuffed animals. The good news is, washing stuffed animals doesn't need to be a source of stress!

So what’s the best way to clean plush toys? Here’s what you need to know when caring for your favorite Bunnies By The Bay products.

The first things to note when considering how to clean stuffed animals:
  • Check specific care instructions for each item
  • The more you wash them, the less new they’ll appear and feel
  • Examine each piece carefully before you decide to wash them. Look for loose or delicate pieces that may need to be removed before washing
  • Never use hot water on plush toys or high heat in a dryer setting
  • Use mild detergent


How To Tell If a Stuffed Animal is Machine-Washable

When cleaning stuffed animals, check your item to see if it can be washed in the washing machine. There are some items that should always be hand-washed only.

Products should never be machine-washed if they contain any of the following:
  • A music box
  • Batteries or other electronics
  • Foam filler balls

They also shouldn’t be put in a machine if they’re:
  • Very old or otherwise delicate
  • Have items glued on
  • Have delicate details or clothing that can’t be removed before washing


How to Surface-Wash Stuffed Animals That Can’t Go in the Washing Machine

If you’ve determined that your stuffed toys can’t be put in the washing machine, they’ll need to be washed by hand or spot-treated. Use a mild soap or HE detergent that doesn’t cause a lot of suds - this makes for easier cleaning that doesn’t leave behind soap residue.

Mix a small amount of soap or detergent with warm water and wet a washcloth in your prepared liquid. Use the damp washcloth to clean your toy by gently moving it in a circular motion until the whole thing is clean. You can use a second clean washcloth dipped in warm water to go back over the stuffed animal as many times as necessary until the cleanser has been “rinsed” off.

If you have stains that need to be removed, you can use a toothbrush to gently scrub the toy with warm water and soap.

It is best to air-dry your toy after this cleansing process or use a hair dryer to speed things up. Most plush animals that are too delicate to be machine-washed are likely to be too delicate to be put into a commercial clothes dryer.


Surface-Washable Bunnies By The Bay Products:

  • Stuffed Animals
  • Plush Hats & Snugs
  • Bun Suit

Washing Stuffed Animals in a Washing Machine

If you’ve determined that your toy can be washed in a machine, make sure to set your laundry on the gentle or delicate cycle. Use cold water or warm water, but never hot. Gentle soaps or HE laundry detergents make the best choice for keeping your stuffed animals as close to their original feel as possible. And lastly, put your toy in a mesh laundry bag before washing as a helpful precaution that will make the process less aggressive.

To dry, you may be able to add your toy to a clothes dryer on the lowest heat possible. In most cases, however, it will probably be best to let it air-dry.


Machine Washable Bunnies By The Bay Products:

  • Buddy Blankets
  • Bye Bye Buddies
  • Knotty Friends
  • Silly Buddies
  • Blankets
  • Quilts
  • Most Apparel
  • Play Mats
  • Teethers
  • Rattles

How To Wash a Stuffed Animal With a Music Box Inside

To wash a stuffed toy with a music box inside, follow the same instructions above on hand washing. Always air-dry these items and never put them in a clothes dryer.

Finally, be sure to check out each of our product’s care instructions on their individual product pages. All items will indicate whether they need to be hand-washed or can be machine-washed. For any further questions, reach out to our customer support.

Written by Karie Kirkpatrick

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