‘We found her in the tulip fields’ – a story of tragedy, and beauty by David Anderson

It was the Friday before Easter and we were all rushing around to fill last minute orders in our ever important role of Easter Bunny helpers when we received a message that made us stop in our tracks. The message was titled "We found Her In the Tulip Fields" and left us speechless and with our hearts touched beyond measure. We are so grateful that our story touched his heart as well and inspired him to write. Thank you Mr. David Anderson, for taking the time to write our story with such emotion and empathy and truly understand what our mission of Giving Glad Dreams is all about. 

Baby, Grandfather and Harey the Bunny Rabbit

Photo by Christina Klas

One day, when she learns to walk, she'll drag it wherever she goes, around the house, through mud puddles, and on her own tulip field adventures[...] A bunny born of tragedy will have taken on a life of beauty, and in our memories we will cherish – if that were possible – the discovery that from such endings come new beginnings, and the mendings of broken hearts.

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