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Nestled inside our Big Blue Barn is Hutch Studios, the birthplace of everything Bunnies By the Bay. This dear friends, is where you’ll find the sisters. Krys the stitcher, maker and idea creator loves making something with what’s on hand, the term mend and make do is deeply embedded in her artistic process. Suzanne, the creative writer brings these ideas to life thru a bit of wit and whim. From designing our products to creating custom replacements & one of a kind bunnies, the entire creative process of our brand begins in Hutch Studio with our team of highly talented and creative artists. 

Stitched with love

truly one of a kind

Each Hutch Studio creation is hand-crafted with unique details, thoughtful stitches, vintage accents, and whole lot of love! No two items are alike, they are truly custom-created with love.

Stitched with Love


Through her thoughtful designs and keen attention to detail, Krys and the bunny team create each one-of-a-kind with love and care.

Vintage Appeal

Charming Details

Taking bits and peices from a lifetime of creations, the vintage components from all Hutch Studio creations are what give them their unparralled charm and appeal.

one of a kind creations

One-of-a-Kind Collectible Stuffed Animals

We create one of a kind dolls and other friends in our workshop, made from vintage fabrics and thoughtful touches you won't find anywhere else.

Hutch Studio Original - Giclee Print - Peek-A-Bay-Hutch Studio Original-SKU: 104402 - Bunnies By The BayHutch Studio Original - Giclee Print - Peek-A-Bay-Hutch Studio Original-SKU: 104402 - Bunnies By The Bay
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RETIRED - Hutch Studio Original - Giclee Print - Peek-A-Bay


krystal & suzanne

meet the sisters

The sisters use the lessons learned over a lifetime to bring the bunnies and their friends to you. Their desire to bring love, comfort and security is the thread which is woven in all that they do. Creating and telling stories of friendship, hope, and a belief that everything can be rescued and mended, even broken hearts.

Artist, Designer, Creator


The creator of all things Hutch Studio, Krys begins with a sketch, and then brings her creations to life. Through her thoughtful designs, and keen attention to detail each one-of-a-kind creation has been created with love.

Writer, Art Director, Creator


From creations to names, Suzanne is a driving forse in all things Hutch Studio. Her keen eye for design and quick wit and whim help make Hutch Studio the incredibly special place that it is.

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custom replacements

When the unthinkable happens and a child's lovey goes missing, we do our best to track down a replacement. If none are available we create custom replacements in our Anacortes workshop!




Since the day we began creating one of a kind bunnies to our transition to creating delightful gifts for all ages, we have focused on making our process special.

From the initial sketch and idea boards, our new creations are handmade in our workshop by our seamstress where they are changed, tweaked and updated to perfection. Then they are sent off to our factory where they are made just right. Our entire bunny family is involved in our process; getting feedback, sharing input and design ideas among all of us is an essential part of the way we design.