Great Ideas for a Family Valentine’s Day

Oh, love is in the air! While Valentine’s Day is ever-popular amongst courting couples and long-time lifemates, it’s important to remember the people you hold dear to you. 

Sometimes family members can get overlooked in the hustle and bustle of Cupid’s cameo holiday. Well, not this year! Take some time to do something lovely for your family members and keep building those emotional connections for years to come. 

Celebrating Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love, it’s about showing compassion for the people you care about. You “see” them for all the beautiful things they bring to your life. 

These simple ideas are enough to brighten any winter season. 


Valentine’s Activities for Everyone

Valentine's Family Fun


Decorating for the Holiday

One of my fondest memories is my grandmother decorating for every holiday (and I mean EVERY holiday). Valentine’s is no exception! Adding cute little paper heart cutouts and little cherubs sneaking a smooch helps to extend the holiday feeling (and remind your kiddos to get you a gift in time). 

So get some decorations and construction paper! You can also print out some cute coloring pages and activities to make a fun event of decorating the house. 

Valentine’s Dinner

A romantic dinner is just the thing to draw up thoughts of swirling hearts and happy memories. When you have a dinner for two, it’s easy to agree on a dish. But consider a fun night where you give each person at the table their favorite food! Think of it as a family potluck where each person brings their favorite dish to the table to share, or enjoy to themselves. 

Put some mindfulness into each person’s dish and just reflect on all of the things you love about them. Sure it’s a little more work (ok, a LOT more work) to make all of those meals, but it’s an experience that quickly becomes a tradition that your family will LOVE. 


Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Adored gifts are always appreciated. When gifting, connect with a wonderful memory you share with the giftee. 

  • For older kids, a gift idea may be a family recipe book for when they move out on their own. This shows a connection of familial traditions and your support of their moving onto the next stage in life. 
  • Maybe Mom would want a digital picture frame that brings light to her life with photos of you (and maybe some grandkids). This keeps them connected to your wonderful life and says “I’m thinking of you” when new photos come online.
  • Kids and adults favor any opportunity to jump into a cuddle puddle with a couch full of soft stuffed animals. Bonus points for embroidering it with an inside joke! 
  • You can’t go wrong with any choice when you’re thinking about the other person as you take your time to choose a gift with mindfulness. 

Valentine's Day Family

Spend the Day as a Family

Sure, this might seem like a chore for some teenagers, but evoking positive energy and checking in with their wild desires could be fun! Keep in mind that you are building memories as you spend time together. Nobody really expects that the day is perfect, just reinforced with positivity, love, and understanding.


Love Note “Easter Egg Hunt”

Let’s face it, nobody really grows out of the thrill of an Easter egg hunt! Why not take that joy and put it into Valentine’s Day? Cut up colored construction paper into little hearts and write little heart-shaped love notes. Hide them around the house, or place them in advance on a public outing with the family. Even if you leave a few notes behind, surely a little love gift will brighten someone’s day. 

Valentine's Day Crafts

Creating a Tradition

When you create a tradition out of love, you get to spread that love across the world as your wee ones grow and share their wisdom with others. Hopefully, it’s my gift to you that you make a Family Valentine’s tradition that brings your family and community together. 

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