7 Ways to Make Your Baby’s First Easter Special

Easter is just around the corner, and if you’re fortunate to be celebrating this year with a new family member, you’re probably trying to think of ways to make the holiday special. We’ve rounded up a list of ideas of activities, traditions, and gifts you can choose from to ensure that your whole family has a “Hoppy Easter” and that it’s especially memorable for your sweet little bundle. Check out our Easter Gift Guide, too!

1. Get dressed up.

Little girls in frilly dresses and bows, and boys in collared shirts and suspenders… not much is sweeter, and Easter is the perfect time to go all out on the outfits. Whether you’re planning to attend an Easter church service or brunch with family (or both!) you’ll want to take advantage of the opportunity to get dressed up. Don’t forget to snap a photo (or a hundred) as these will be memories you’ll want to treasure forever.


Getting Dressed Up for Easter

2. Start a new tradition.

Baby’s first Easter is a great opportunity to start a new family tradition that you can continue for years to come. Go see the Easter bunny, watch a local Easter parade, get together with family and have brunch, go to church, dye eggs, do an egg hunt in the backyard…the possibilities are endless. The important thing is that it’s an activity you do together as a family that will create happy memories for years to come.

3. Gift a custom present.

You don’t have to buy a ton of expensive gifts for your baby’s first Easter basket. Why not just get one personalized baby gift with their name, birth date, or another meaningful message? They’ll enjoy snuggling it when they’re small, and it’s something they’ll be able to look at fondly as they get older and know that it was selected with love, just for them. This is the perfect time to introduce a lovey to your little love; it’s something they can keep for years, and they’ll be reminded of your love every time they look at it. Nervous about introducing a lovey to your baby? You’ll want to read our Ultimate Guide to Lovies. 

Personalized Lovey

4. Plant flowers or a garden.

Let your little one get their hands dirty! Whether it’s planting a single flower in a pot or an entire garden, planting is a great sensory activity for kids. We love this tradition because it’s one that can grow with your family; your babe might just enjoy sticking their hands in the dirt at first, but as they get older you can involve them in everything from selecting the plants, talking about what plants need to grow, watering, feeding, and weeding them, and more! Little ones love to “help,” and this is a great way to get them involved and outside in the fresh air. Why not start this Easter?

5. Write baby a letter. 

This is one of our favorite traditions because it costs nothing and yet leaves a huge impact. Write your little one a letter every year on Easter. You can talk about why Easter is important to you, and what you hope baby will learn and experience about the holiday as they get older. Include some fond memories of the current Easter as well as notes about what your Easter holidays were like as a child. Your babe will treasure these letters as they get older and it’s the perfect way to preserve history.

6. Do a carrot cake smash.

Who says cake smashes are just for first birthdays? Easter is a great time to bring back this fun tradition; make it seasonal by using carrot cake! Your baby will love it, and there’s nothing cuter than a squishy baby covered in frosting. Just make sure they’re old enough for solids before you try this one.

7. Decorate the nursery. 

Getting hyped for Easter doesn’t mean you have to go all out- a few key decorations can make a huge impact! Hang some carrot garland in your baby’s nursery, and place some strategic stuffed bunnies around (just not in the crib unless your baby is older than 1 year) and you’ll be amazed at the transformation. Your little one will also love the change of scenery, and you’ll feel excited for the holiday every time you walk in. 

Stuffed Bunnies for Decor

If all you do is spend time together on Easter, we guarantee it will be special for your new baby. It’s hard to know what to get a newborn for Easter. But babies don’t need a lot of things to feel loved; your time and attention are always enough. But if you’re trying to find a way to do something extra, be sure to check out our adorable gifts and stuffed animals (there’s more than bunnies for babe to enjoy!) and definitely try out one of the fun activities listed above. How do you plan to celebrate Easter this year? Leave a comment below!

Written by Alison Johnson

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