Educational and Craft Activities for Kids

A work from home Mom of three, I too have been looking for resources to keep my kids engaged and learning while social distancing, and also keeping up my own productivity at work.

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I want to help others in this same position, so I am sharing a list of website links to everything from craft and educational sites, to virtual tours of National Parks and Zoos. Some are for the computer, and some are ideas to get you creative and moving! There is something for kids ages preschool to high school and a little of everything in the middle. 

I didn’t create this list on my own. I owe thanks to many of my friends on social media, and all the thoughtful teachers that have dedicated themselves to my children along the way, for pooling these resources. Most are free, some do require a login, but at least if you are feeling lost you can start here. 

I hope this list can be of help in these challenging times. Sending strength and well wishes to you all. We’ll get through this together.


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