Designing the Best Lovey for Baby

Bun Bun Buddy Blanket and Happy Baby

A lovey, also known as a security blanket, comfort or transitional object, or for quite a few Bunnies By The Bay fans, a "Bun Bun", is an incredibly important part of a little one's life. It is meant to soothe and comfort in troublesome times, ease separation anxiety, assist in babies' sleep and quite simply bring happiness and love. We take a great deal of care and pride when we design our lovies for babies. We call this "Giving Glad Dreams" and it is our mission! To bring comfort in the form of soft and loveable lovies, stuffed animals and adorable gifts for babies, and there is nothing more important to us!

When designing a lovey that will undoubtedly become a significant item in a baby’s life there are a few key points that top our list and stay at the forefront of our design and development team's thoughts. We strive to create the best security items for baby girls, baby boys, and even collections that are gender-neutral or unisex for gifting when the gender of the baby is unknown, or for those that don't care for the normal pink or blue. 

Krys Kirkpatrick - Founder and Head of Design

1.     Safety

All of our products meet and or exceed every testing that is thrown their way. We use hand embroidered features on the animal's faces so that there is no risk for plastic eyes becoming detached and becoming a choking hazard. Our Buddy and Bye Bye blankets feature a split blanket design for safer snuggling, leaving less risk for the blanket to get stuck over baby’s head or face. when baby falls asleep it is still best to remove any object from their bed, but keep it close by to let them snuggle when they wake up, to ease their transition with love. 

Blossom Buddy Blanket Split Blanket Design

2.     Comfort

A baby's lovey is meant to be LOVED and cuddled! That means that it will be held and snuggled by baby's sensitive skin, and only the softest fabrics will do. Quite often a baby soothes themselves by rubbing their little hand over a comfort object, or rubbing the comfort object against their face or body so it is incredibly important the fabrics are soft and durable. We only use the softest of velour, satin, and faux fur with high-quality thread to create our lovies.

Baby and Lovey Transitional Object


3.     Durability

All of our lovies are made with care to be soft and last a lifetime. From the highest of quality fabrics and fillers to the strongest threads to hold them together these lovies are ready to be loved for years to come. And never fear, every lovey is machine washable and will stay soft after repeated washes because keeping clean brings comfort for baby and baby’s caregivers alike.  

Blossom Buddy Blanket Lifestyle Image


4.     Multiple Ways to Soothe

Every lovey has different textures and features for baby to soothe. Our Buddy Blankets features a super soft velour and silky satin blanket with embroidery detail. Little fingers will love the different textures, and quite often will be kept quite entertained and soothed as they rub the different fabrics and embroidery under their little fingers. Each comfort object features and friendly animal design, a stuffed animal and lovey in one! Our Bunny Buddy Blankets feature a soft plush bunny head and ears, with ears perfect designing for soothing. Bloom bunny features longer lop ears, while the traditional Blossom, Bun Bun, and Bud have cute perky ears that quite often double as a cloth teether to assist with those troublesome teething woes.  Also available are a puppy dog design with our pal Skipit, and Kiddo the lamb is an adorably loveable friend indeed. In our Camp Cricket Collection, we now feature Buddy Blanket or Bye Bye Buddy designs in your favorite woodland animals from a teddy bear, fox, raccoon, and even a loveable moose! Our Knotty Friend cloth teethers double as a pacifier holder when you untie one of the knotted ends and retie it around a pacifier and feature the same super soft velour and faux fur and design features you have come to know and love, with embroidered details and every attention to detail. Our Silly Buddy pacifier holders are a soft velour animal friend with silly, sloppy arms and legs that tie for safekeeping on-the-go, and a Velcro pacifier loop to hold on to that beloved soother! The bunnies also have ears that rattle, and others feature cute little ears, just perfect for nibbling and soothing those developing gums. Another undeniably loved feature that babies will quickly find, is our signature three carrot tag for another way to soothe. 

Sleeping Baby and Lovey

Babies will choose their favorite, but with multiple options and designs, we know a Bunnies By the Bay lovey will be right for your little one!

Security Item Assortment and Sizing Guide

5.     Cuteness Factor

When it comes to babies, “cute” automatically comes to mind, and a lovey is no different! We choose the most loveable colors of fabrics and designs for our lovies and make every animal face adorably sweet with the hand-embroidered eyes, nose and hand blushed cheeks. And to make it even more personalized you can add custom embroidery with a name, date or term of endearment. When you see a Bunnies By The Bay lovey it definitely scores a 10/10 on the cuteness factor and we have hundreds of reviews that will say just the same from our amazing customers! 

To learn more about loveys and security blankets, check out our Ultimate Guide to Loveys!

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Dear Edna,
We received the two lovey’s you created for my granddaughter (cats) and I just cannot believe how wonderful this is! I will recommend you to everyone I know. The care and effort that went into looking for, then recreating my granddaughter Zinnia’s lovey is so so above and beyond.
Thank you SO much.
val pullman

Valerie Pullman November 10, 2019

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