Best Easter Gifts for Toddlers and Babies

Looking for the best Easter gifts for toddlers and babies? Look no further!  Take a quick peek at our Top Easter picks from Bunnies By The Bay. Nestle these sure to delight picks with this year's Easter eggs and watch your loved ones smiles grow. We have the best personalized baby gifts for Easter or anytime, always super soft, and made with attention to every detail and thoughtful touch to make for the cutest Easter moments. And if your not just filling the Easter baskets this year our signature gift wrap will make your gift giving a breeze! 

Top Easter Picks for Babies and Toddlers 

1. Buddy Blanket – Security Blanket and Plush Bunny in One!

Meet Blossom and Bud, sure to be your little one’s “Best Friend Indeed”. Babies just LOVE our buddy blankets, your best bet is to buy these loveys by the bunch! This favorite security blanket is a plush floppy eared bunny with hand crafted, baby-safe embroidered face and a snuggly super soft velour split blanket, lined and edged in silky satin. Embroidered message reads, “Best Friends Indeed”.  Signature three carrot tag for little ones fingers.  Our security blankets are a must have comfort for baby.  The perfect personalized baby gift and addition to any little one’s Easter basket.

2. Elsie Doll & Pretty Girl Board Book

Our lovable soft Elsie doll is a pretty sweet companion and happily reminds little ones what being pretty is all about. Pretty Inside patch stitched to her vintage pink cotton and tulle dress. Soft knit grey and white striped body is perfect for toting around the house and cuddling up for story-time.  Comes with wee booklet and story of how Elsie learns through her friends that true beauty comes from within. Elsie Doll is the perfect companion to the Pretty Girl Book,  a valuable lesson in life of what makes you pretty on the outside is how pretty you are on the inside. Being pretty on the inside means: be a good listener, share with others, be kind, be polite.  Add Elsie and the Pretty Girl Board Book at any Easter basket for a little snuggle, love and the reminder of what really matters! The best Easter gift for babies, that will grow along with them and be loved for years to come. 

 3. Tiny Nibble Stuffed Bunny and the “Nibble’s Big Surprise” Board Book

Tiny Nibble Bunny is ear-resistible indeed, with super-soft long lop ears, sweet embroidered face and rosy pink cheeks. Eggnog cream and warm white fur, with velour lined ears perfect for personalizing. This stuffed bunny may be tiny, but he will be a huge hit! He is also the star of the “Nibble’s Big Surprise” Book, where this little bunny is in for a very big surprise, Indeed! A fun tale filled with delightful artwork that will be loved by all. Adorable stuffed animals and books are a perfect candy free Easter basket pick!

4. Uno the Unicorn Stuffed Animal

If you can be anything, be you, unless you can be a Unicorn! Unicorns are a HOT ticket this year, and we wholeheartedly understand why. There is something about Uno with her magical horn of gold and a heart to match.  With curly white fur, a bushy pink tail and mane and striped pink and white detail hooves Uno is truly one of a kind. Uno may be a stuffed animal, but her magical charm will surely win the hearts of all those lucky enough to cuddle her close. A perfect alternative to the usual bunny, Uno will be ADORABLE in your toddler's Easter basket this year!

5. Bye Bye Buddy Security Blankets

A smaller version of our best loved Buddy Blanket, this Lovey is ready to be on the go. With a handy loop on the back to attach to the car seat, stroller, crib or Easter Baket you're sure to never be left without this precious friend again. This favorite security blanket is a plush floppy eared bunny with hand crafted, baby-safe embroidered face and a snuggly soft blue velour split blanket, lined and edged in silky satin. Signature three carrot tag for little ones fingers, and all the more fun as a new Easter friend. Add “Baby’s First Easter” embroidery for an even more special gift!

6. Baa-bs the Lamb

Oh My Gosh….she’s just so fluffy! Baa-bs the sheep is the fluffiest friend on the farm, in soft creamy white fur, and as round as she is tall. Sweet hand embroidered face, velour legs and a pink striped girly bow on her ear, she is the cutest stuff animal around!  Baa-bs is perfectly huggable and lovable for every age, and so super sweet to add to any Easter Basket to go along with all those fun Easter Eggs!

7. Ocho the Octopus and his ABC book

Ocho is a customer favorite of our Good Friends By The Bay Collection. With a fuzzy marina blue fur body, accented with polka dots and stripes lining on 8 twining arms, just perfect to twist and twirl in little one's hands. A jaunty sailor hat perches atop his cheerful embroidered face.  Ocho is also the star of his ABC learning board book. Join Ocho and his silly friends as they teach little ones the ABCs from under the sea. Delightfully illustrated board book filled with fun, wit and charm for all ages to enjoy. Add this to an Easter basket for babies or toddlers for a super awesome alternative to the classic Easter Bunny basket.

8. Pretty Girl…Friend Soft Dolls

Dolls are quite often the first best friends of little girls. They comfort them in times of sadness, keep them company on adventures, and help them to develop social skills as they play and pretend. These plush dolls are beautifully crafted with hand embroidered details and thoughtful touches that will make them a gift to pass along for generations and tote the message of what makes you pretty on the inside is makes you pretty outside is the focus. A diverse group of dolls, there is an ideal pick for every little one! Add a DIY kit or extra outfit from our collection of doll accessories for the perfect Easter gift!

9. Tiny Skipit

This tiny pup is pure delight, a perfect gift for best friends of all sizes! This little butterball pup has a velvety soft, biscuit-cream and warm chocolate fur body. Floppy ears and the perfect one chocolate brown patch on his eye. Our signature hand embroidered face and rosy cheeks. If you want a tiny little friend to fill your Easter basket, and join your little one on thier Easter egg hunt, look no further than this adorable puppy pal!

Add these top picks or more to a personalized Easter basket and bring Glad Dreams to your little one’s this Easter. Be sure to share them with us on social media @bunniesbythebay so we can delight along with you!

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