Top 5 Moments to Capture with Baby’s First Easter Basket

Every year families gather together to spend quality time and celebrate special holidays, Easter is no exception. From the first moments of the Easter egg hunt, a special Easter brunch, visit to Church or Grandma’s house, don’t forget to get the pictures! These memories live on in photo albums to be passed down through generations. 

While you may not have your first Easter basket from when you were a baby, you can help keep the tradition alive with a cute personalized Easter basket from Bunnies By The Bay!  Imagine the smile on your little one’s face as they find a beautiful wicker basket with a sweet ribbon embroidered with their name and a cute little carrot filled with goodies to snuggle and love. Check out our Easter Gift Guide for basket ideas for babies, kids, and even adults! 

We came up with a list of wonderful moments to capture of your family and baby’s first Easter basket. There is only one baby’s first Easter in your wee one’s life, so grab that camera and be on the lookout for these precious memories!

1. Family Reacting to Baby’s First Easter Outfit

Let’s face it: Grandma’s got to get cute pictures of her little munchkin! Get your wee one bundled up in a cute outfit that will melt everyone’s collective hearts this year. Our Original Cuddle Coat™ is an “ear-resistably” cute coat. Fun fact: Oprah bought one for Angelina Jolie when she was expecting!

If your little one is still at the age and stage for comfort, cuteness, and easy on the go changing, try a knotty gown, and wrap them up in a hooded blanket to keep them toasty warm and extra snuggly. Bonus: you can get their name embroidered on the ear of the hooded blanket. 

2. Baby’s First Easter Egg in a Basket

Your wee one may not yet have the fine motor skills (or seeking skills) to place their first Easter egg in a basket, so you may want to stage this one. Be sure to get their sweet squishy faces in the shot! 😊

3. Baby Meeting the Easter Bunny

They may laugh, they may cry, but a photo of your baby with the Easter Bunny is a classic! If you or baby aren't brave enough for a dress up bunny, just use a stuffed bunny. Our Big Nibble Bunnies are super soft and cuddly, and it's been said that with those long lop ears "they are the bunny that hugs you back" and the perfect pick for a baby's first bunny! Be sure to share it with us on Instagram or Facebook @bunniesbythebay!

4. Baby's First Easter Egg Hunt

Keep looking, baby, almost there! This fun photo op ties in nicely to the picture of the egg in a basket. The key here is to tell a visual story your wee one will love when they’re older. And don’t you just love those cute little fingers? Snap a photo of a tiny little baby hand on an Easter egg for an overly-adorable memory!


5. Baby All Tuckered Out After A Day Of Play

Nothing is sweeter than a sleeping baby. Don't forget to snap a photo of little one all tuckered our after their very first Easter! And chances are they might be snuggled up with a new Easter gift, perhaps one from Bunnies By The Bay!





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