Getting Baby to Sleep

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in a Modern World

How do you get your baby to sleep? This question is asked by new parents every single day, because with new life brings new challenges, and developing a good sleep pattern is quite possibly the most daunting of all the journeys that lie ahead in a newborn baby’s life.

While there are plenty of suggestions to be found, the true answer is what works for one baby may not work for another, and you never know until you try. While we don’t have all the answers, we do want to help. “Give Glad Dreams” is our company motto, and the most important thing to us at Bunnies By The Bay is to bring a feeling of comfort, love and security to all those around us by creating the most loved products, made of superior quality, that are tried and true!

1. Develop a Routine

Developing a bedtime routine is an effective method of easing the challenges of getting your baby to sleep and has been suggested by pediatricians around the world. A routine that incorporates expected activities, and comforting items can be a great way to let your little one know it is time to settle down and settle in for a night of sleep.

2. Perfect the Art of the Swaddle

Snuggle your little baby up in one of our swaddle blankets to keep them comfy and cozy, just like when they were in Mommy’s tummy. Once they have outgrown a swaddle, use this well-loved blanket as a drape for nursing or feeding time to keep them concentrated on the task at hand…filling that little tummy before bedtime. A drape will keep baby from having too many distractions and can also give those tiny little fingers something to grasp, and even better yet…our signature three carrot tag on all our products give them a way to feel different textures as they are developing those amazing little brains.

3. Maintain a Comfortable Temperature 

If it is extra chilly outside, or you are just needing a little extra snuggle, wrap baby up in our hooded blanket. Babies lose the most heat through their head, so keeping a hood over that sweet little noggin’ can keep them warm and cozy and ready to settle down for bed time. And extra fun fact, once little one is toddling around there are side pockets, so instead of just being for sleepy time they can use it like a cape and fly off on adventures!

4. Reduce Anxiety with a Security Item

Many Pediatricians agree that introducing a security item to a baby is a way to bring them comfort and can teach a baby to self soothe and ease the emotions of separating anxiety that a baby might feel, especially at bed time. Building the bond of a baby and a security item can start from their very first day of life as babies use their senses of smell and touch before they can even see. Our Buddy Blankets and Bye Bye Buddies have been chosen by babies and parents alike for years as the most perfect security item. With a plush snugly soft head, baby safe embroidered face details, and a split blanket design for extra safety there are so many ways for baby to soothe. The split blanket features silky soft velour on one side, and silky satin on the other. Buddy Blankets feature character specific embroidery on the side of blanket, giving babies little fingers another tactile feature to explore. And every baby finds our signature three carrot tag to touch, rub and chew for an extra measure of comfort. Bye Bye Buddies are smaller in size as compared to the Buddy Blanket and have a travel loop on the back for easy on-the-go attaching to car seats and strollers for safe keeping. In addition to our Buddy Blankets and Bye Bye Buddies we offer a Silly buddy that is a plush, security and pacifier holder in one. It is made of our signature soft fabrics and feature the same baby-safe embroidery details, and three carrot tag with a loop to attach to baby’s pacifier. The super soft and floppy arms and legs are also perfect to tie around baby’s car seat, stroller, or other handy item to keep that lovey close at hand. Once baby outgrows the pacifier, they still have a comforting friend close at hand for soothing and snuggling. Another favorite is our Knotty Friends, a plush bunny or puppy head with a blankey body and knotted ends for chewing. A word of caution, if your little one attaches to a security item it is a good idea to grab an extra or two and rotate them through with your little one from the start so they all become well loved and an item of comfort. We get many calls from frantic parents whose little ones have lost a lovey and are completely distraught, we call this a “Bunny 911”, and we help however we can. If this is you please visit our replace a lost lovey page on our website for more information. We never want little ones to have fear, uncertainty or sadness, so be aware and grab a spare!

*Please note that while our amazing products may help baby get to sleep the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations on creating a safe sleep environment include:

  • Place the baby on his or her back on a firm sleep surface such as a crib or bassinet with a tight-fitting sheet.
  • Avoid use of soft bedding, including crib bumpers, blankets, pillows and soft toys. The crib should be bare.

5. Read a Book

Another bedtime routine can be reading a book to your little one. Reading to baby helps them learn and grow but can also signal them it is time to sleep. Reading time can be a cherished time and build the bond between baby and their loved ones. And a Bunnies By the Bay book promises not only a delightful story, but also illustrations that will entertain the reader and baby with the wit, whim and charm of our Cricket Island Characters. A favorite at bed time is the Little Star Board Book, with the charm “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Do You know How Loved You Are?” you can send your little ones off to Glad Dreams of comfort and love.

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