Looking for a timeless, practical baby shower gift? Use this guide to help you figure out a wonderful way to show your love and support for a new baby and parents.

 Blossom Bunny cake made to look like a pink buddy blanket for a themed baby shower.
This delightful baby shower cake is designed to look like one of our classic Blossom Bunny buddy blankets.

Who are baby shower gifts for? When it comes to figuring out the perfect present, it’s important to know who will be receiving the gift. Are you looking for a comforting companion for the new baby? Or maybe you would like something to comfort Mom through the last stages of pregnancy? Even Dad can benefit from a beautiful present that just melts his heart in anticipation for the new member of the family. 

When shopping a gift for a newborn baby, often the first question is whether it’s a girl or it’s a boy. Classic favorites for newborn girls come from our Blossom Bunny collection, whereas rambunctious boys may gravitate towards our blue Bud Bunny collection.

What if you don’t know the baby’s gender, or aren’t keen on pink or blue? Our gender-neutral baby gifts are just for you! The Bloom Bunny collection is a cool grey and focused on bringing love and joy. If you want something with a little more color, our woodland friends at Camp Cricket can’t wait to go on an adventure with that precious newborn.

A personalized baby gift will lead to a lifetime of companionship for your precious wee ones. Very little compares to seeing your baby’s name embroidered onto their soon-to-be-favorite security toy before you get to meet them. We pulled together of our five best baby shower gifts. Read on!

5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts:

Personalized Blossom Buddy Blanket

Blossom is a kind-hearted big sister and loves looking after wee ones. This pink baby blanket makes a timeless gift when embroidered with a sweet message or baby name.

Bun Bun Bunny Bye Bye Buddy

This on-the-go comfort companion is a fantastic way to always have a lovey on-hand. He easily attaches to a car seat or stroller to make mom’s life a little easier. You can also find a Bye Bye Buddy in pink or blue.

Growing Like a Weed Milestone Blanket

Have you ever seen those cute Pinterest posts showing the first 12 month photos of a precious baby? Give this baby milestone blanket and you might get a baby-themed calendar in return!

Sweet Milestones and Memories Gift Set

Want to really make an impression? This Sweet Milestones gift set comes with a record book, milestone blanket, plush bunny friend, and an adorable carrot rattle.

Roxy Raccoon Silly Buddy

This fuzzy forest friend is the best pacifier holder for helping a tired baby to sleep. Wee ones love the feeling of our Silly Buddies on their face as they calm down into dreamland.


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