Ocho the Octopus-Good Friends By The Bay-SKU: 100019 - Bunnies By The BayOcho the Octopus-Stuffed Animal-SKU: 100019 - Bunnies By The Bay

Ocho the Octopus

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Ocho Book Bundle-Book Bundle-SKU: 190395 - Bunnies By The BayOcho Book Bundle-Book Bundle-SKU: 190395 - Bunnies By The Bay

Ocho Book Bundle


Octopuses have the prestigious distinction of being one of the smartest creatures inhabiting the planet. They can solve complex problems and take apart a lock like a seasoned locksmith. The one downside of this fascinating creature is its slimy body. But rather than touching an icky exterior, a stuffed octopus from Bunnies by the Bay feels great!

You do not have to worry about getting inked and feeling the wrath of slimy tentacles with the adorable “Ocho the Octopus.” Having eight legs never looked this cute than on this soft, fuzzy friend with the sailor’s hat. Ocho is safe for all ages. Your wee one will be delighted to have a plush octopus stuffed animal to tug around, cuddle and love!

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