Alley Cat-Stuffed Animal-SKU: 106072 - Bunnies By The BayAlley Cat-Stuffed Animal-SKU: 106072 - Bunnies By The Bay
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Alley Cat

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Wee Alley Cat-Good Friends Farm-SKU: 190035 - Bunnies By The BayWee Alley Cat-Stuffed Animal-SKU: 190035 - Bunnies By The Bay

Wee Alley Cat

Cats and Kittens are a timeless choice for those young and old as a stuffed animal to love and treasure. Maybe it's the darling little pointy ears, whiskers, or the long tail, but these endearing friends are sure to win your love! Our favorite barnyard cat, Alley, is a take on the ever-popular Tabby Cat, with it's bold yellow color and too cute scarf and embroidered features, perfect for all ages. Shaggy Purr-ty kitty is a classic gray and white, and ready to climb right into your arms and heart!

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