Baby and Toddler Fall Fashion Tips and Trends

Fall is the season for turning a new leaf in your little one’s wardrobe. Dress the apple of your eye in cozy outfits perfect for snuggling up at home or enjoying outings in cool weather. Explore a few baby and toddler fall fashion tips and trends.

Colors of the Season

Dress your baby in outfits inspired by the colors of the season. Choose warm shades such as reds, yellows, and oranges to capture the look of fall foliage. Earthy tones such as golden browns also evoke fall sentiments, as do muted, soft colors like hues of gray and cream.

Create a cohesive look by sticking primarily with solid colors but incorporating a layer with a fun print. Prints featuring animals and stars remain popular this season, and leaves, apples, and pumpkins evoke the spirit of fall.

Organic Fabric

Uncomfortable clothing can lead to an unhappy baby. The best outfits for your little one are made with natural fabrics.

For example, cotton is more breathable than synthetic blends. And cotton layers easily for adapting your baby’s look for indoor and outdoor conditions. For infants and toddlers, this is essential as very young children often need one more layer than adults do to keep warm.

Organic cotton is an even better option. Grown in healthier soil, this fabric doesn’t experience the pesticides and chemicals found in regular cotton that can sometimes cause an allergic reaction when it makes contact with the baby’s skin. Organic cotton’s softness doesn’t chafe or irritate your baby or toddler’s skin.

Sibling Matching

The final baby and toddler fall fashion trend to consider is matching sibling outfits. If you have more than one child, the sibling matching trend creates an unbeatably adorable look. Choose outfits of similar quality, and in designs you love.

If the matchy-matchy look is too much for you, choose outfits in colors that complement each other, or in the same colors but different styles. For example, one child can wear a cranberry red sweater and one can wear a cranberry-colored jacket.

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