5 Ideas for Preserving Your Baby Memories and Mementos

Every day, you’re there to witness and help your baby learn and grow. Create a keepsake of these precious moments by considering five ideas for preserving your baby memories and mementos.

1. Scrapbook

These days, parents take an abundance of pictures of their babies every day. Use a scrapbook to shine a spotlight on your favorite moments captured on camera. A physical scrapbook will become a treasure in your home, and it allows you to utilize your crafty skills. Alternatively, you could create a digital scrapbook and share it with friends and family.

2. Handprint or Footprint Keepsake

Who can resist the charm of a baby’s handprints and footprints? Keeping a memento of your baby’s handprint or footprint will bring you back to the time you first held their little hands and feet. Consider using baby-safe paint or ink to blot handprints or footprints on paper. Or, for a more three-dimensional option, make imprints of your baby’s hands and feet in clay.

3. Memory Box

A memory box is like a treasure chest full of items with sentimental value. Choose a sturdy box, such as one made from wood or very sturdy craft material, to hold your favorite mementos.

When deciding what to put in the box, many parents include baby items such as a special outfit, a pair of shoes, and a comfort object like a blanket or toy. You can also put in other goods, like meaningful cards from the family or a newspaper clipping from your baby’s birthday. You might feel tempted to save everything, but it’s best to be selective with what you include.

4. Video Diary or Letters to Your Baby

One of the best ideas for preserving your baby memories and mementos is to send messages to the person your baby will grow to become. You can do this by recording a video diary or writing letters. Heartfelt messages can include things like how you felt when you first saw your baby, what it’s been like watching them grow, retelling funny moments, and information about the baby’s visitors. In the future, you and your child can bond over reading or watching these messages.

5. Shadow Box

Like a memory box, a shadow box holds several items, but this one is meant as a showcase. The box itself is like a picture frame, but with greater depth so it can hold thicker items. Objects like cards, a rattle, an outfit, and a lovey or small blanket look wonderful in a shadow box. Organize all the items so they look great together and the viewer can clearly see each one.

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