Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Your New Grandbaby

You want to make your new grandbaby’s first Christmas special. Give a heartwarming gift that shows how much you love and care for your grandchild; find inspiration in these top five Christmas gifts for your new grandbaby.

1. Organic Clothing

Gift your grandbaby a high-quality piece of clothing as a special gift this Christmas. Make the selection memorable by opting for quality fabric and adorable patterns. Consider going all-out with matching baby slippers.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified clothing is made with fibers from organically grown plants and with environmentally responsible manufacturing. This sustainably created fabric makes soft, beautiful rompers, onesies, and more.

2. Stuffed Animal Pacifier Holder

One of the top Christmas gifts you can give your new grandbaby is a stuffed animal pacifier holder. The plush toy can become a cute companion for your grandchild.

Plush animal pacifier holders come in many sizes and hold onto the baby’s pacifier. As the baby grows older and no longer uses a pacifier, they can continue to play with the snuggly toy.

3. Sleep Sack

A sleep sack can keep your little bundle of joy warm and secure throughout the night. Sleep sacks, also called wearable blankets, cover the baby’s body and legs in a gentle fabric while the arms and head remain uncovered.

Gifting your grandbaby a sleep sack gives you the chance to choose a fashionable and functional garment. A simple enclosure, such as a hidden zipper along the front of the sleep sack, makes it easy for parents and guardians to take baby out of and put back into the sleep sack.

4. Book and Toy Character Set

Help start your grandchild’s reading journey with a fun book and accompanying toy character. Read to your grandchild about the character’s adventures.

During story time, your sweet grandbaby will love touching, squeezing, and mouthing their toy. Point out the pictures of their toy in the book and use silly voices for a fun bonding activity.

5. Stuffed Animal Lovey Blanket

A lovey blanket is a soft, comforting blanket for baby to cuddle. When the blanket features a stuffed animal, it becomes an even better security blanket for the little one.

Stuffed animal lovey blankets can feature adorable animals such as lambs, rabbits, teddy bears, and puppies. Choose a lovey blanket in a gentle color for the ultimate soothing toy.

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