A Brief Guide to Keeping Your Pacifier Holder Clean

A stuffed animal pacifier holder is an adorable friend for your baby, pulling double-duty keeping hold of the pacifier and snuggling your little one. Just like other types of stuffed toys, using the right cleaning techniques can preserve the beauty and make the most of a pacifier holder. Keep your baby’s pacifier holder clean using the tips in this brief guide.

Spot Cleaning

A beloved pacifier holder goes wherever your little one goes, and babies and toddlers love to cuddle and squeeze soft pacifier holders. Messes are bound to happen, but when you only need to clean a small area of the stuffed animal, spot cleaning works well.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In general, you can make a diluted solution of gentle detergent and cold water. Apply the solution to the toy, then rinse thoroughly with cold water. Squeeze the water out but avoid wringing the pacifier holder. Let it air dry.

Machine Washing

Much like Bunnies by the Bay’s collection of loveys and blankets, you can wash our Silly Buddies pacifier holders in the washing machine. First, remove the pacifier from the Silly Buddy.

Machine wash in cold water and air dry. After drying, the Silly Buddy is ready for more adventures.

Note that not all plush pacifier holders can withstand washing machines. For such products, you’ll have to wash them by hand as needed.

Detachable, Easy-To-Clean Pacifier Holders

An important tip for keeping your pacifier holder clean is to choose a product that’s simple to care for. Machine-washable pacifier holders save time and make it easier for you to keep your baby’s items clean and safe.

Keep in mind that some pacifier holders don’t detach from the pacifier. This can make it trickier for you to clean the pacifier holder and the pacifier itself.

It’s important to clean and sanitize pacifiers for your baby’s health, but pacifiers and pacifier holders require different cleaning methods. When it comes to the Silly Buddy pacifier holder, you can simply pull the Velcro apart to remove the pacifier and clean it separately.

Bunnies by the Bay carries a charming selection of stuffed animal pacifier holders your baby will love. Everything about these plush stuffed animals promotes happiness and calm. Shop our collection today to find a unique pacifier holder for your little one.

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