The Differences Between Pacifier Holders and Pacifier Clips

While babies enjoy pacifiers, they often drop these little items. Losing a pacifier can create stressful situations for you and your baby, but a holder or clip helps you easily keep track of the pacifier.

Pacifier clips are a specific type of pacifier holder. Another type of holder is the stuffed animal pacifier holder. Explore the differences between pacifier holders and pacifier clips to find the best type for your little one.

Attachment Methods

A stuffed animal pacifier holder typically attaches to the pacifier handle with a loop of fabric you can open and close. The loop might be on the animal’s face or a limb. When you attach a stuffed animal to the pacifier, it looks like the toy is holding onto the pacifier for safekeeping.

A pacifier clip is a strap that attaches to the pacifier on one end and to your baby’s clothes on the other. The end that attaches to the pacifier handle might have a snap or loop. The other end has a clip that attaches to your baby’s clothes, generally somewhere on their upper body.

Secondary Uses

While stuffed animal pacifier holders and pacifier clips serve the primary purpose of securing a pacifier, these items do have other uses. Since a holder features a cuddly stuffed animal, it makes a great toy for baby. The stuffed animal can help baby find their pacifier faster on their own, and the soft fabric encourages baby to squeeze and pet for comfort and fun.

You can remove the pacifier to use the holder as a stuffed animal. And thanks to the looped fabric, you can attach the toy to a highchair, diaper bag, or infant carrier for versatile use at home or on the go.

Pacifier clips often feature straps made from simple fabric or beads. While your baby will more than likely mouth the pacifier clip, it is not a toy. Silicone and wood beads can pose a choking hazard for babies, especially if the clip breaks and a small bead enters the baby’s airway.

Teething Comfort

Another difference between pacifier holders and pacifier clips is how you can use them to soothe a teething baby. You can use the pacifier holder with a teether, and some stuffed animal pacifier holders have knotted fabric limbs that babies love to mouth for comfort.

You can also use a pacifier clip with a teether rather than a pacifier. However, while babies can safely mouth a stuffed animal, parents should guard their children against pacifier clips with small, smooth beads that can become a choking hazard.

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