3 Reasons Why Every Grandchild Needs a Personalized Lovey

Give your grandchild a gift they will love to use now and enjoy even more over time. A cuddly lovey holds an exceptional place in a child’s heart. Read on to learn three reasons why every grandchild needs a personalized lovey.

1. It’s Comforting

A lovey’s number one job is to comfort and soothe. Lovies can take many forms, with the most popular being stuffed animals and soft blankets, and children often turn to their lovies for reassurance.

Giving your grandchild a personalized lovey is a way for you to make sure you’re there, too. A personalized lovey shows you’ve chosen your gift with care; opt for a soft toy or blanket that your grandchild will love to hold, pet, and squeeze.

2. Every Child Deserves Recognition

Another reason why every grandchild needs a personalized lovey is that they deserve recognition of their individuality. You can show your appreciation and love with a thoughtfully embroidered lovey.

Embroider the lovey with your grandchild’s name, monogram, or a date. This unique gift will remind your grandchild how special they are to you. And if you’re giving embroidered lovies to multiple grandchildren, they will each delight in having their own special toy picked out by you.

3. It Brings You Closer Together

The best gifts you can give your grandchild bring you closer together. The lovey’s comforting nature and your personalization make this a uniquely affectionate gift.

Grandchildren treasure precious memories and moments with their grandparents. A customized lovey is a friendly companion for your little one to hold close as they go through the ups and downs of growing up. And once they no longer bring their lovey with them everywhere, it makes an excellent keepsake for life from a loving grandparent.

Bunnies by the Bay carries a selection of beautifully designed lovies. Leave a custom embroidered message on the lovey of your choice for a distinctive touch. You can personalize the embroidery location, style, thread color, and message; shop with us today.

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