Giving Back For Pediatric Cancer - Giving Back for Wesley

There are stories that touch our hearts that are brought to our attention by our treasured customers. One of those stories is the story of Wesley. Wesley is a 5-year old battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).

Wesley Battling ALL

His story was brought to our attention by his friend Michael. Michael has participated in the Great Cycle Challenge since it's inception, in an effort to raise awareness to children like Wesley. The Great Cycle Challenge is a month long cycling even that raises funds for children's cancer research that takes place every September to coincide with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Michael shared this story with us because Wesley has a special comfort friend, our very own Skipit Puppy Buddy Blanket, that he has affectionately named "Puppy".

Wesley and His Lovey Puppy

"Puppy" has been by Wesley's side through his battle against cancer, and Michael was inspired to get his very own puppy to accompany him on his Great Cycle Challenge rides, to give him motivation to ride further, and give back in the fight against childhood cancer. Michael embroidered his Puppy with Wesley's GCC "Puppy" and keeps it close at heart both emotionally and physically as he rides for the cause. 

Michael and PuppySkipit the Puppy Buddy Blanket

The story of Wesley and Michael has inspired us to give back. On Wednesday, September 28th 2022 we are going to donate all profits to Pediatric Cancer Research and Prevention. We hope that this small gesture provides hope to cancer patients, motivation to Michael to continue riding for the cause, and sends love and well wishes to Wesley.

Michael and Wesley in the Great Cycle Challenge

Keep fighting buddy, your friends at Bunnies By The Bay are thinking of you and hope that Puppy continues to provide you with comfort.



Keep fighting Wesley & Puppy!! You are very brave boys and so loved and prayed for:)

Tami Thompson September 28, 2022

Wesley we just want you to know that Puppies brothers and sisters at Bunnies by the Bay are cheering YIP YIP YIPPEE! Everyday for you and sending lots of licks and wags!

Suzanne Knutson September 28, 2022

Sending all my love and comfort to you and your family, Wesley. The entire bunny fluffle is behind you and your family! 🎗

Shelby September 28, 2022

Oh my! Wesley, you are loved by complete strangers. Connecting to you and cheering you on.

Jeanne-ming September 28, 2022

Hi Wesley,

Wow what a brave boy you are!! You and “Puppy” will win this fight together, sending all my love, prayers and strength to you! A big thank you to your friend Michael too for bringing this to our attention and being an amazing friend.

All my love,


Jess Bircham September 28, 2022

Wesley and Family,
Your strength, courage, tenacity and spirit are an inspiration to all who know of your story. I am sending my love, strength and hope to ya’ll. Keep up the fight!

Thank you! You are an amazing human for raising awareness for this worthy cause. We appreciate you sharing this beautiful story with us.

Sent with all the love and GLAD DREAM spirit from the Big Blue Barn in Anacrotes, WA!

Alex Hoffman September 28, 2022

Wesley & Family- Sending love, strength, and comfort from Colorado. Keep fighting buddy!

Karen September 28, 2022

Thank you so much for doing this for Wesley, the Great Cycle Challenge and all those kids fighting cancer! I have shared the link with all my contacts to help spread the word about your generosity!

Mike McIntyre September 28, 2022

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