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Bunnies By The Bay

Everybody needs a buddy! Here’s a ewe you’ll adore for his sweet, silly side, that's just a wee bit smaller than his other silly pals.

Our  Wee Kiddo Silly Buddy is a fuzzy, furry lamb whose playful embroidered face smiles from atop a cozy warm-white velour body. Kiddo’s huggable arms and legs are ever-so-lightly stuffed, making them easy for the baby to grasp and so comforting to hold onto. 

With pacifier holder hand loop and fun rattling head, this is sure to be a favorite security item of Baby and Mom and Dad alike!

This little ewe is the perfect little size for a traveling companion. His left arm features a Velcro-loop closure to keep Kiddo safely attached to the pacifier.  This silly buddy wants to be with you wherever you go!

Don’t be afraid of having adventures – if Kiddo comes home with grass stains on his knees, or a bit of dirt behind his ears, just toss him into the baa-th: machine wash cold, tumble dry low heat.

He’ll be baa-ck at play in no time!

To learn more about loveys and security blankets, check out our Ultimate Guide to Loveys!


  • Size: 5” tall, 3" Wide at arms, 4.5" wide at feet 
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
  • 100% Polyester

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This item is sold out!

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