Hutch Studio - Sam the Snowman - Limited Edition Handmade Snowman


Bunnies By The Bay Hutch Studio Original

*Limited Edition. Once all 4 of these snowmen are sold they will be removed from the site.

Sam the Snowman is sure to delight this holiday season. In our soft Nibble fur and festive red hat + scarf made from vintage sweaters, Sam is a charming friend for the holidays!

Size: 13" from feet

This Hutch Studio original is hand crafted and one of a kind, no other bunny will ever be made in quite the same way. Each and every detail was put in place with a happy thought and a grateful heart by artist Krys Kirkpatrick, founder of Bunnies By The Bay, and the bunny team in our very own Hutch Studio workshop. Vintage touches and details make this a truly unique creation.

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