RETIRED - Hutch Studio Original - Sadie Sweetheart - Hand-Crafted Tea Stained Nubby Fur Bunny

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Bunnies By The Bay

Bunnies By The Bay Hutch Studio Original

Hand-crafted by artist Krys Kirkpatrick, this bunny one-of-a-kind made of Tea Stained Nubby Fur & 100% cotton with hand-embroidered detailing.

De-Tails about me: So many sweet things to say about my outfit which was a vintage tea towel. Tiny stitches cover every inch of my lovely pinafore. My scalloped hem has wonderful its and bits dangling from it. Best of all is an embroidered message that says, "All of Me Loves All of You". I hope you will love me too! My bushy tail is splendid indeed! 

Approximately 12" in Height

Includes a signed card from Krys

Sweet Memories

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