RETIRED - Hutch Studio Original - Fussie Mussie - Hand-Crafted Cotton & Knit Bunny

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Bunnies By The Bay

Bunnies By The Bay Hutch Studio Original

Hand-crafted by artist Krys Kirkpatrick, this bunny one-of-a-kind made of 100% cotton & knit with hand-sewn art and dainty detailing.

I love my flouncy bouncy dress in a soft floral organdy.  Tucked under my chin is a soft organdy and velvet bow with a little gold bee dangling underneath. Under my perky ear is odds and ends of bits ribbon, thread, tiny flowers and a dainty button. My bushy tail is my favorite accessory. 

Approximately 12" in Height

Includes a signed card from Krys

This item is sold out!

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