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Bunnies By The Bay

 Join the jungle friends of Cricket Island while they go on an eating adventure. This book and plush friends set is the perfect way to encourage your little one's imagination, as well as their healthy eating habits!

Read more about the benefits of reading a book with a friend!

This gift set features the following: 

  • Nibble, Nibble Crunch BookNibbling is delightful when it’s your favorite treat, but it’s not just what you eat but how you eat it. Jungle and domestic friends will show little ones how fun it is to enjoy your food. 
  • Three Jungle Plush: Tiny Nibble Peanut the Elephant, Tiny Nibble Bamboo the Panda Bear, Tiny NIbble Bananas the Monkey are featured in this adorable gift set for girls or boys. All made from the softest of nibble fur, with hand-embroidered details that are baby-safe, and ready for hugs. 

Gift Packaging Included

All bundled up in our signature gift box, complete with carrot tissue paper, logo sticker, and carrot logo ribbon, a gift presentation that will be remembered. In addition to a memorable presentation, our gift sets are an exceptional gift at an exceptional price, bundled together you save 10% versus purchasing items separately.

This item is sold out!

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