Why You Should Get (Or Give!) a Valentine's Day Bunny

You might not immediately think of a stuffed bunny as a Valentine’s Day gift. Bunnies, you might think, are for Easter. There are lots of reasons, however, why you should consider giving your Valentine (or your Pal-entine) a stuffed bunny to celebrate this holiday all about love.

Valentine's Day Bunnies

Bunnies are Soft

You might want to give your special someone something to snuggle with when you’re not around, and what’s better to snuggle than a bunny? Rabbits are renowned for their soft fur, and bunny fur is even softer! In fact mother rabbits will use the soft fur from their own chests to line their nest and make it soft and warm for their baby bunnies. A stuffed bunny is no different, they’re soft and ready to be hugged! If you want to get a stuffed animal that’s truly snuggly and cuddly, the stuffed bunny is the perfect answer. 

Bunnies Say “I Love You”

In classical folklore, bunnies symbolize love. In Greek myth, the hare is a symbol of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. In Francesco del Cossa's painting of April in the Palazzo Schifanoia in Italy, Venus' children are depicted surrounded by a flock of rabbits, symbolizing love and fertility. Rabbits were often given as gifts between romantic partners. In fact, more than any other stuffed animal, a Valentine’s Day bunny is the perfect way to tell that special someone “I love you.”

Bunny Blowing Heart Kisses

Bunnies Are Associated with Springtime

Bunnies have been symbols of springtime for centuries. As the snow melts away and the world starts to bloom with spring flowers, rabbits emerge from their burrows with their little bunnies! This association with spring is full of symbolic significance, including rebirth and new beginnings. Spring is also well-known as the season of love. Is this a coincidence? We don’t think so!

Bunnies are Good Luck

Rabbits are also symbols of good luck across many cultures. The rabbit’s foot is considered a good luck charm in the west, and the rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac is considered a lucky sign to be born under. Why wouldn’t you want to give your loved one a gift that symbolizes abundance and good fortune?

Little Girl Holding Stuffed Bunnies

So now you have plenty of reasons to get or give a Valentine’s Day bunny, and we have bunnies that fit the bill! We have bunnies in all sizes and some even come in pink, the color of the season! Shop for stuffed bunnies for the Valentine’s Day holiday!


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