The Best Lovies & Security Blankets

Little Girl and Her Lovey

A security blanket or stuffed animal can help ease your little one’s tears and sadness. You will find a wonderful collection of super-soft, extra-cuddly animal blankets featuring all our lovable characters here at Bunnies By The Bay.

From Blossom the Bunny to Skipit the Puppy, our friendly characters are the perfect companions for the newest little one in your life! Our popular Buddy Blankets are part stuffed animal, part blanket. They feature super soft fur, charming hand-embroidered features, satin trim, and a convenient security loop to keep them close-by wherever your little one goes!

Our soft blankies provide comfort and security in a world that isn’t always the most comfortable. Babies' lovies help little ones feel better when they’re sick, feel safe when they’re in a new place, and even serve as trusted companions. These baby blankets are suitable for children as young as newborns and machine washable to keep them looking and feeling good at all times. They’re also perfectly sized to hold in tiny hands and feel the warmth, comfort, and love all around.

Our animal lovey blankets make great gifts, too. Each can be personalized with a custom embroidered name, initials, or special message. Plus, you can also add a beautifully illustrated baby gift box for a truly unique presentation. 

Gift a lovey for a baby shower, a homecoming party, or a first or second birthday. We can help you find the best lovey for your baby.


What are the Benefits of a Lovey?

The technical term for a lovey is a “transitional object” and are also called “comfort objects”. These help transition a child from being dependent on their parent, to managing their emotions and building their own personalities. 

Lovies have a number of benefits that vary from child to child. The security blankets and stuffed animals we offer can help with:

  • Helping with separation anxiety as a child finds safety in their fuzzy friend
  • Aiding in sleep training as helping baby fall asleep by being a stable part of a nap routine. 

Introducing a Lovey to a Baby or Toddler

Many infants, toddlers, and kids enjoy just having their collection of stuffed animal blankets around for playtime. While you can introduce a lovey at any point in a child’s life, it’s up to them to decide their favorite lovies. 

Babies can begin playing with a lovey anytime, under direct supervision. While they may not fully understand what the toy is until around 12 months of age, they will still interact with it as they grow. Avoid leaving the lovey and baby alone (such as while baby sleeps) at least until they are able to roll over by themselves. 

Safer Lovies for Babies

Our lovey blankets and dolls feature hand-stitched eyes instead of plastic, which can form a choking hazard for infants. The soft velour fabric is soft, sturdy and washable, making it ideal for everyday use by a developing child. Wee ones love the feel of embroidered text, right down to the three-carrot embroidered tag of our logo that promises a quality product. 

Little ones love our security blankets and will snuggle up with them for naps, bedtime, stroller rides, family vacations, or just everyday cuddle sessions for years to come. If you’re looking for a unique and irresistibly lovable baby gift for your little bunny, Bunnies by the Bay has you covered. 

Shop our selection of animal lovey blankets and be sure to check out the rest of our baby girl gifts and baby boy gifts.

To learn more about loveys and security blankets, check out our Ultimate Guide to Loveys!

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