Glassybaby Pops-Up With Bunnies By The Bay

Like Bunnies by The Bay, Glassybaby is a company founded in the Pacific Northwest, born from tragedy and trying times, with the mission of making the world a better place.

Glassybaby began in 2001 when Lee Rhodes, a three-time cancer survivor, felt hope from the light of a candle in a hand-blown glass votive. This inspired a business devoted to giving hope, beauty, and millions of dollars to help others heal and the later formation of the white light fund, a 501 (c)(3) based in Seattle, Washington created to support organizations that promote hope and healing for people, the planet and animals. Every glassybaby gives through the white light fund from the devoted glassybaby community of people who love to give kindness.

Lee Rhodes, Founder of Glassybaby

Lee Rhodes, Founder of Glassybaby

At this point, you may be wondering, "what is a glassybaby?" A glassybaby by their own definition is:

  1. A unique piece of hand-blown glass art crafted to support the causes of hope and healing.
  2. A beautiful vessel to hold, color, and amplify the light of a candle.
  3. A community of kindness, where we celebrate and create moments of beauty.

Glassybaby Votive

These unique creations are hand-crafted in only glassybaby hot shops and sold in a select few shops regularly, and in pop-up shops all over the Pacific Northwest and California, and spreading across the nation further and further every day as the beauty of this company, their mission, and their product grows in popularity.

Glassybaby Hand-Blown Glass Creation

“within our hot shops in Seattle and Berkeley, more than 80 glassblowers inspired by your stories, devote themselves to handcrafting each unique glassybaby, from sand to hand to heart. it looks like a dance with heat and light. glassblowers step and dip, blow, spin, and roll the molten glass that will become a glassybaby. but when you watch a while, you notice how each glassblower plays a role in the dance.”

Glassybaby Hand-Blown Glass Workshop

Being from the Pacific Northwest a few of our Bunnies had heard of glassybaby, and knew that this was a company that we wanted to partner with, in 2017 we began the tradition of hosting this amazing company in conjunction with the town of La Conner’s Jingle Belles, a night of holiday shopping.

5th Annual Glassy Baby Pop-Up Shop

On November 22nd,  2019 we will host our 5th pop-up at our new location inside of the Step Outside store, located at  101 1st Street in lovely downtown La Conner, Washington looking over the picturesque boardwalk of the Salish Sea. 

La Conner, Washington

La Conner has consistently been voted one of the most-loved weekend getaway locations in the Pacific Northwest. With restaurants, shops, hotels and more, this little town is a hidden treasure, perfect for a little pre-holiday escape. Learn more about La Conner here and make a weekend of it yourself!

Glassybaby Votives

A glassybaby and a bunny have been the perfect choice from gift-givers far and wide. Our Tiny Nibble Cream partners perfectly with "Hugs"

Glassybaby Hugs Votive


And our Grey Nibble Bunnies make for a dreamy combination with "Whiskers", and we think there is no coincidence in that name!

Glassybaby Whiskers


And of course, we can't forget about the Pink Nibble Bunnies, a favorite of girls young and those still young at heart, that flawlessly partners with "Snuggle". 

Glassybaby Snuggle



These pop-ups are always a delightful time. Glassybaby is filled with the most interesting, and kind community of people. When joined with the enthusiasts of Bunnies By The Bay, we can’t think of a more wonderful place to be. We hope you will join us for a night of bringing hope, healing, kindness and Glad Dreams!

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