How To Plan The Perfect Gender-Neutral Baby Shower

It seems that nowadays it’s becoming more and more common to not find out the gender of your baby; it’s one of the few true surprises in life, so it’s no wonder that more parents are going this route. And while it definitely adds an element of fun and excitement into the delivery day, it can also cause some stress and anxiety for those people who enjoy planning ahead. But fear not- if you’ve been tasked with planning a baby shower for a friend or family member who doesn’t know what the sex of their baby is, there are PLENTY of options for themes, colors, and décor. We’ve curated this list of everything you need to know to plan the perfect gender-neutral baby shower.

How to choose a gender-neutral baby shower theme

Gone are the days where you have to choose between ducks and elephants for a genderless shower! There are tons of creative themes that work well for baby boys or girls, and all you have to do is think outside the box (or let us do the thinking for you). Think of what kind of style the mom would want, and remember the baby shower theme doesn’t have to match the nursery! (But feel free to use that room for inspiration.) Consider some of these fun themes for your unisex shower!

  • Cactus/ desert - Southwest and succulents are cute and energetic.
  • Nautical - An under-the-sea adventure is always refreshing.
  • Summer/ beach - For fun in the sun and a reprieve from colder weather.
  • Rustic - Shabby-chic, for the DIY fans. 
  • Jungle - Who doesn’t love a sense of adventure?
  • Woodland creatures - Incorporate the charm of the forest.
  • Lemons/ citrus - Classy, fun, and refined.
  • Holiday - If the shower date is close to one, have fun with this theme!
  • Mama-to-be - It’s her party, ask her what she likes!

Boy or Girl

Bring your party to life with a clear color scheme

The colors you choose will need to coincide with your theme, which is why we suggest choosing a theme first. But don’t think that just because you don’t know the gender of the baby you have to stick with green, grey, and yellow! There are so many different color choices available that will work perfectly with whatever theme you choose. We suggest heading over to Pinterest and typing in your theme idea for some creative inspiration. The following are also some great color choices based on the themes listed above:

  • Cactus/desert: Pastels are key here. Light and dark greens, some sky blue, terra-cotta like the desert sand, and maybe even a pop of hot pink to match those gorgeous flowers you occasionally seeing growing on cacti! New Mexico patterns are back in style, so have fun with those geometric shapes!
  • Nautical: From anchors and tugboats to seahorses and mermaids, shades of blue and white are the obvious choices. Add a pop of color to draw the eye...yellow, orange, or red all work! 
  • Jungle: Have fun with your color choices here! Definitely incorporate some shades of green, but other than that, you can really choose any colors you like. We especially like yellow, orange, sand, and blue for this fun theme.
  • Lemons: Shades of yellow is the obvious choice here, but also consider adding in some greenery, ivory, sand and maybe even pops of gold. In order to really make this work, go all out and get creative with the lemon decor. Oh, and don’t forget the lemonade!

Incorporate theme and color into décor

Your decor needs to match your theme and flow with your color scheme as well. Think about items that would naturally fit in with your setting, and then adapt them to the party. For example, drinks with little umbrellas and blow up beach balls for a summer theme, leaves and tiny pumpkins incorporated into the table decor for a fall theme, lots of lace and natural wood for a rustic shower, and tiny stuffed animals as decor for a woodland theme

Our Pinterest board is a great place to find inspiration for decor, and our charming stuffed animals fit into many themes! Choose one of our collections as your theme and then browse our website for color and style inspiration based on our lifestyle photos!

Helpful Tips:

  • We also LOVE the idea of theming your shower around the mama-to-be instead of the baby; incorporate colors, decor, and foods that mama loves and everyone is sure to have a great time!
  • Planning for twins? A unisex baby shower ensures that both babies are represented. Make sure to double-up on the key decorations!
  • Don’t forget the party favors! A thoughtful card and small gift makes everyone feel appreciated. 

Play some fun baby shower games

Baby shower games can be a struggle; people are either really into them, or they want nothing to do with them. After having a child, I have no interest in tasting baby food to guess the flavor, or inspecting a melted candy bar that’s been placed inside a diaper- I’ve been covered in too much baby food and poop for that to ever be considered fun! Here are some unique alternatives to traditional games.

Not knowing the gender of the baby gives you the opportunity to include some fun guessing games into your shower planning. Take a pool and have everyone guess the gender, birthday, height and weight of the baby and then hang on to the list to announce the winner once the baby is born! (You can also collect a dollar from each participant so the winner takes home a prize as well.)  

Decorating onesies is always a hit, and the baby bucket list is a cute way to help mom make some memories. Have each guest write down on a notecard something they think mom should do with baby in their first year; it could be something they did (or wished they did) with their own kids, something they plan to do with their kids in the future, or just something they think mom would enjoy.  Whichever route you choose, it’s a nice way to remind new parents to slow down and enjoy those first few months with their little one.

You can also find printable baby show games in your favorite Bunnies By The Bay characters in our printables and digital art collection. 


 Print At Home Baby Shower Game Bundle

Skip the Drinks, Let’s Make Mom-osas!

Show your solidarity for the mama-to-be by skipping the booze and indulging in some of these yummy “mocktails”:

  • Mix seltzer, ice, orange peel, and bitters for a delightful booze-free experience.
  • Ginger orange mocktails are a refreshing substitution for regular mimosas.
  • Sherbert punch is a yummy, fizzy treat that can be made in a variety of ways.
  • Put a spin on traditional iced-tea by adding in hibiscus tea bags and ginger ale, lemonade, or fresh mint!

End with a yummy dessert

Everyone loves dessert, and cute dessert that also tastes great is even better. Consider commissioning a local bakery to make cookies that match your theme; they work great as décor AND dessert! Macarons are also a good choice because they come in so many different color and flavor combinations, and custom cupcakes are a fun idea too! Think s'mores cupcakes for a camping theme, cinnamon and apples for a fall theme, and lemon and citrus for a fruit-inspired theme. And you can never go wrong by asking the mama-to-be what her favorite dessert is and then serving that up (in fact, we recommend you do that anyway).

Just have fun with the design!

Just because the baby’s gender is a surprise, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Move past the green and yellow and get creative with your planning! Your guests will enjoy the change and the mama-to-be will be happy that you’re supporting her choice not to find out the gender. And if you’re still stuck on theme, be sure to check out our section of gender-neutral baby gifts; they work great as style inspiration, decor, and gifts! 

Are you a guest at an upcoming baby shower instead of the host? We also have a guide on the best baby shower gifts!

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