Cool Bird Facts for Junior Birders

Birds are pretty incredible. They’re uniquely built for flight, decorated in bright colors, and they communicate through song! Who hasn’t looked up at a bird in the sky and longed for the ability to fly? Who hasn’t tried to spy a shy songbird in the branches of a tree? We have some cool bird facts that will help you learn more about our feathered friends!


You might not find a chicken particularly impressive, but there’s evidence that the humble hen might be the closest living relative to the Tyrannosaurus Rex! Chickens share a surprising amount of DNA with this ancient predator. In fact, birds are theropods, meaning that they have long-toed feet and are bipedal, walking only on their hind legs, just like T Rex. Birds are thought to be the only direct descendants of dinosaurs! Now that’s something to roar about! Or crow about! Clucky the Chicken is a soft, cream colored bird friend with dangly legs that are so cute you won’t believe it!

Toddler Girl Holding Stuffed Chicken


The bald eagle may be our national bird, but according to Benjamin Franklin, the turkey was a “much more respectable bird.” Franklin didn’t think highly of the bald eagle, mainly because they will steal food from other birds. He called the turkey “a true original native of America,” and he’s got a point! The wild turkey, which is an ancestor of our domesticated turkeys, is native to the Americas and nowhere else! Tommy the Turkey is a soft and snuggly turkey friend that you can have in your house, unlike wild turkeys! 

Turkey Stuffed Animal


Snow Geese

We know that snow geese migrate, but we might not give a lot of thought to how they do it. Snow geese travel from their nesting grounds in the north to wintering grounds in the south, and they do this by three major routes: across the Great Lakes and down the Mississippi Valley, over the Rocky Mountains and across the Great Plains, and down the Pacific coast. Some of these journeys are over 5,000 miles long! When they fly in their V-formation, they also put the older geese and young geese making their first trip at the back of the V, because it’s easier for them to fly! Snow geese are pretty amazing! Avery the Aviator is a snow goose who’s ready for adventure!

Avery The Aviator Snow Goose Stuffed Animal


We know owls are nocturnal, meaning they are most active at night. But did you know that owls have different feathers from other birds? The front edges of the owl’s primary feathers are serrated, like a comb. This breaks the air currents up into smaller currents, which reduces noise. An owl’s feathers are also extra soft, which makes them even quieter. The feathers on the back side of their wings are also soft and tattered, which breaks up and muffles sound waves created by their flight. Because of these special feathers, owls can fly almost silently! This helps them hunt at night. So if you see an owl, you might not hear it at all! Blink the Owl is even softer than a real owl, and a sweet friend for kids of all ages.

Blink The Stuffed Owl


Roosters are male chickens, and they’re not only pretty, they serve an important role in a chicken flock. Roosters help protect the hens and chicks in their flocks. They will sound an alarm if they see a predator that will signal the hens and chicks to all take cover! He will also fight off small predators to protect the flock. He will also help find food for the hens, sometimes calling them over to a particularly tasty snack. Roosters will also settle arguments among the hens, helping to preserve the pecking order. Randy the Rooster is a handsome bird that you can have in your home, without the mess of a real rooster!

Stuffed Rooster

So there are some interesting facts about some of our favorite birds. We hope you learned something cool! If you’re a bird fan, be sure to check out our collection of bird stuffed animals!

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