Valentine's Day is right around the corner!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let those around you know you care, and give a gift that gets remembered! We at Bunnies By The Bay call this Giving Glad Dreams! What better way to give someone you love a forever reminder with a little lovey or stuffed animal that will stay long past the chocolate bars, conversation hearts, and flowers.
A “lovey” can be a security item like a Buddy Blanket, Knotty Pal, or Silly Buddy, or even a stuffed animal!  We have the softest fabrics, snuggliest plush, and most delightful details that will make your loved one cuddle up with lovely thoughts of you. Tie a ribbon around the neck of one of our tiny nibble bunnies with The free download tag, “Somebunny Loves You”. Young and old this will surely delight and brighten their day.

We've created a set of sweet Valentines tags that can be printed at home and attached to a gift for your little bunny! Take a look below and save the image of the tags to print at home.



Here are our top 10 picks for a Valentine’s Gift For your little bunny…and all those big ones too! Because a heartfelt note and a cute little friend should not be reserved for just kids and babies; we all need a little soft and cuddly in our lives.

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