How To Create a Baby Capsule Wardrobe & Why You Should

Whether it’s your first child or another addition to your family, welcoming a baby into the world can be overwhelming. Since your mind is racing a million miles a minute from everything else involved in caring for a new life, there are some things that you can simplify. One such thing is your newborn’s wardrobe.

Hopefully, you received cute onesies and outfits from your shower, but digging through a pile of clothes to put on your new bundle of joy can be a hassle, especially for those late-night changes in the dark.

For that reason, in comes the baby capsule wardrobe. We will teach you what one is and tips for creating it. More importantly, we want to inform you how to create a baby capsule wardrobe and why you should.

What Is a Capsule Wardrobe?

The “less is more” theory is the primary motivation behind creating a baby capsule wardrobe. Parents fawn over the well-designed, basic baby gear and typically prepare a capsule of toys for when they are older. So why not use that same line of thinking for clothes?

While everyone’s capsule may have different requirements based on the season and where you live, the following is a comprehensive list for a standard infant capsule outfit. Generally, capsules only include the bare necessities, so you can customize it how you see fit after including the essentials.

Why You Should Do It

There will be an instance where your baby will fit comfortably in one item on a Monday, only for the outfit to be too small on a Saturday. The adage “the days are long, but the months are short” is a microcosm of raising a child. Before you know it, yours will fit in the next size, so it’s practically meaningless to stockpile a particular size when they blow past it within weeks.

Additionally, a capsule will save you money because you’re not buying—and wasting—clothes. When the daily growth spurts plateau, you can look at new wardrobe pieces to add to their collection. Until then, you can mentally tally your savings by keeping it simple.

An underlying benefit of a baby capsule is the amount of free space you’ll have. Clothes can take up ample storage area. A capsule minimizes the clutter, helping you not feel overwhelmed by a messy bedroom floor. This is particularly vital if you live in a small room and space is at a premium.

Strategy for Constructing a Capsule

Before getting into the figurative nuts and bolts of a baby capsule, developing a sound strategy of what to look for can lead to a better capsule.

The first thing you should know is to choose comfort over substance and style. We understand the temptation of buying every piece of cute clothing you find. While the clothes look adorable in pictures you can post on social media, they might not be practical.

You’re playing the long game with a baby capsule, so you want something affordable and durable. Things that don’t fade in the wash or tear easily should be your only concern, assuming they won’t affect your child’s soft and vulnerable skin.

Affordability isn’t so much about buying the cheapest thing; it’s more about getting the most return on your investment. Sometimes, it might be worth splurging if you know something will last months or years.

When in doubt, stay practical and keep it simple. It’s wise to stick with brands and colors you trust. You don’t want to overcomplicate things by including too many combinations.

The Bare Necessities

The most prominent items in your capsule should be short- and long-sleeved onesies. This piece of clothing will likely be your go-to article of clothing to dress your baby. Unless it’s necessary, you’re unlikely to take a newborn outside the home within the first few months, and onesies are the easiest to put and keep on.

Along with the onesies, you’ll want a handful of sleepers and leggings. For the younger kiddos, this includes swaddles and possibly sleep sacks for when they figure out how to free themselves from those swaddles.

Don’t forget a few undershirts to act as base layers, particularly if you’re worried about keeping your baby warm throughout the day. A couple of socks also guarantee your baby’s tootsies stay warm when the sleepers aren’t enough.

Finally, one or two rompers and sweaters should round out your capsule. When you have all these pieces, you should have your bases covered for a week without frantically looking for a certain item.

Debatable Extras

As previously mentioned, a capsule should always include the essentials. However, there are some debatable options worth mentioning. Hats are more of a seasonal item than anything else. If it’s in the heart of summer, a warm hat seems unnecessary, but if the holiday season is approaching, you’ll want a hat on standby to keep the baby’s head warm. We can say the same for mittens as well.

Shoes are tricky because they don’t serve much purpose until your child begins to walk. Shoes will also take up extra room in the capsule. Opting for booties or a similar softer shoe makes more sense.

Accessories like headbands, bows, and other items may make sense for you and yours but are completely optional.

Always Coordinate

The concept of a “capsule wardrobe” assumes that almost all items in the closet may be worn together. In this manner, you may expand your baby’s wardrobe without buying more of each piece.

Buying items in complementary hues is the most convenient solution. Choose your top two or three necessities and build from there. Sets of five or six matching onesies are also widely available. Use the premade themes and sets that sellers display for a general idea.

Neutral hues are also helpful if you want to piece your clothes together. Putting on a sweater, hoodie, pair of socks, etc., can instantly inject some much-needed color. And if you’re a friend confused about what gender-neutral baby gifts you should give for a shower, gender-neutral clothing is always a failsafe option.

Knowing how to create a baby capsule wardrobe and why you should do so proves it has as many mental benefits as financial ones. Having peace of mind knowing you have everything in a tidy capsule can be a lifesaver. Bunnies by the Bay has organic clothing items worth adding to your capsule. Our clothes are durable, safe, and perfect for any child who wants to feel the soft touch of our clothes that will put a smile on your and your baby’s face.

How To Create a Baby Capsule Wardrobe & Why You Should

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